NOTE: Do NOT use the Junker rules located in the main Wasted West player's guide. Junkers were completely overhauled in their own sourcebook, The Junkman Cometh.

General Information
Junkers are similar to Mad Scientists in the Weird West, although their abilities come from a different source: Tech spirits, not manitous. They can take what is essentially random parts and trash to other people and create incredible inventions.

Junkers are a great class to play if you like to design your own equipment. They do require a great deal of math and calculations though, so bear that in mind. If you hate math, you're going to hate going through the device creation process; Junkers are not hard per se, but the math and numbers are a significant part of this Arcane Background.

Playing a Junker
Junkers must take Arcane Background (Junker) for 3 points, have at least one rank in Academia (Occult), and 3 points in Science (Occult Engineering). Science (Occult Engineering) is the primary skill that Junkers use and it should probably be maxed out at 5. A high Knowledge is a good idea, because that is what Occult Engineering is based off of.

A good Spirit trait will help your Junker resist the Taint; certain hindrances, like Mean as a Rattler, will make it easier for the Taint to infect your Junker, so you may want to avoid them.

Junkman Cometh errata from the accumulated rulings:

Gremlins love gizmos and a few of them managed to worm their way into The Junkman Cometh. Most of these were spotted by diligent readers on the listserv. Here are the corrections and a few clarifications.

*) Associated Spirits: There are a few spots in which there is a conflict between the associated powers listed for a browser spirit and associated spirit listed in the power's description. Where conflicts exist, use the listing in the power description.
*) Non-existent powers: This was a fairly complex book, and many of the powers were changed and/or renamed numerous times. We thought we had kept up with all the changes, but we missed a few. Ignore references to the flow, reinforce, and rotor powers. These were cut (although they may appear in later updates). Any mention of the flight power actually refers to the VTOL power.
*) Ammo Instability: Since ammo is created in batches, it also makes instability checks in batches. Just roll for the batch the first time a bullet from it is fired each day. If it becomes unstable, the effect applies to the entire batch.
*) Page 37: The new device system has increased the Drain of many devices. To help junkers out the power output of a conventional G-Ray collector should be increased to 80 GR/pound. This wokrs out to an even 16 GR per ounce, allowoing junkers to burn whatever small scraps of ghost rock they can get their hands on without killing themselves with the math.
*) Page 45: Familiars are not the size of a cello case. The Framse size of 4 listed for familiars is incorrect. They have a frame size of 2. Just to clarify things, familiars don't need the agility power, just the sensor power to see, and locomotion or VTOL to move. Unlike most devices, the tech spirit in the device does the rest.
*) Page 81: the powerplant sizes for the locomotion power are too large. Ten percent should be subtracted from each of the listed powerplant sizes. [HoE Cyborgs book, errata in the back, 8/16/99]

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