Jubilost Narthropple And The Narthropple Expedition

While exploring south of the kingdom, the group came across an number of gnomes. The gnomes were trying to ford a river with three wagons of supplies. Two had made it across, but the third was very much stuck. They were making no progress retrieving it. Auchs attempted to help pull it out with the gnomes but the ponies that were attached made it difficult. Garot managed to calm and free the ponies. He, Luc, and Auchs helped the gnomes pull the cart from the river. The party stayed and ate with the gnomes. Jubilost and his group had come from the south and were moving north exploring the green belt. They ask to trade map landmarks with the party. After some haggling between the gnomes and Terra/Garot, the group learned of three new locations of interest to the south, plus one already known location and the possibility of an abandoned old dwarf fortress somewhere in the region. In exchange, the gnomes were told of the location of Jindark, the dead unicorn, and the statue of Erastil.

Jubilost has seemed to be doing well in Zeltenia, having several of his extended family members moving down into the nation to establish a thriving business enterprise and generating substantial income for the nation. So successful is he that he and his direct 'house' have become minor nobles within the city.

Recently, Jubilost requested a meeting with Lady Terra. He explained that they are doing so well that they need to expand. But instead of just wanting extra space, what the gnomes are more interested in is their own district, which they would help fund. The caveat to the funds coming from them, was that they wanted total control of what was built there. The party was not happy with this arrangement. However, what Lady Terra did decide to do was began plans for creation of a district solely for business. The Narthropples could move to this district to expand their holdings. They will be aloud to make suggestions what is built. Any of these suggestions that are used, they will help pay for. They seemed accepting of the arrangment, as did the party.

Str: 8, Dex: 16, Con: 14, Int: 13, Wis: 14, Cha: 10

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