Jim "Doc" Brown

Come on in.

Do you have an appointment?

Alright hurry up and sit down. Whats wrong with you?

About me you say?

Well I got to this town after the bombs dropped. Oh, I see you eyeing my piece. Service issue. Yea I did serve for the North. Was a field medic.

Hold still this will hurt abit.

Well I got here about 2 years after the bombs hit. Didnt see much reason staying in the fight and watching more of my mates die. Was trained, even got my doctorate before I got out, I suppose thats why everyone calls me "Doc". Wandered for a good while trading my skills for services, food, and safety. My breed is a dieing kind ill tell ya that much. But where there are willing people to learn I am always happy to pass my skills on.

Lie down here, I need to take some vitals.

Well there is not to much to me to be perfectly honest. No family, few friends, the Nacht's are one of em. As long as you keep your head down you will most likely keep it attached. I wont lie, I have seen things that will turn your blood cold, ive seen the dead rise, ive seen men and women die in the flash of the bombs. But I am still here, and I suppose that means something. To be honest I try to keep that past in the past. But, I am here now and that is what matters. I care a lot for the people in this town though. We have all made it through tough times because we depend on each other.

Alright, here ya go, take two of these and see me in 2 days. I think you just ate something bad.


Jim "Doc" Brown

He stands at a solid height of 6'7 and weighs in at just shy of 230lbs. Though he is getting on in the years for his old age. His military training is still very much apart of his daily life. Whether he likes it or not, the habits that he developed over the years of service are something that still drive him on. Each morning he could be seen rising with the sun to make the trip out to the nearby stream to gather water so that he can have clean boiled water on hand for any necessary incidents. After bringing in his water Doc will usually engage in his normal morning workout to help stay in shape. To say the least it is still very apparent the strength of his youth has stayed into his later years.

After his morning calisthenics, he will usually take the time to have a quick "GI" shower to help rinse away most of the grime and filth of daily life. After this he will usually scrounge up a meal and then begin his rounds.

More or less everyone in the compound suffers from something or another, but Doc will always take the time to check on each person. He has also taken part in the birth of many of the children now living on the compound, and for some reason or another he always takes extra care to make sure the kids are well looked after and protected.

Despite for what life has forced onto his shoulders from the war, to the bombs, to the drifting, and his eventual settling down. Doc has managed to maintain a somewhat cheerful disposition. Though he can be a bit grumpy, and blunt with folks, most just attribute it to his old age.

However when a fight or trouble comes a knocking. Doc's training will kick in, he combines a sharp mind, with decades of experience to maintain a level head at all times in a fight. He knows that sometimes it is better to retreat and live then to die a hero's death. But he also believes that there are times a man needs to step up and be counted for something. In combat he is known by all to be cold, efficient, and deadly. But if one of his people goes down, they know they can count on him to move heaven and hell to rescue them. However, if you attack one of the kids of the compound, then know that underneath that cool exterior lies a volcano. And you will soon witness the fury of a man who knows how to both heal and break the human body in equal measure.

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