Jeremiah Walsh

Jeremiah Walsh is the perfect picture of the man of the land. He excels at task most people never have to face and any attempt at normal life meets with disastrous consequences.


Jeremiah was born in Fayette county Tennessee on April 18th of 1841. His father was James Walsh, was a prominent gunsmith who made a living selling and repairing weapons for those traveling West. His mother Maria Walsh (maiden name Jenson) stayed home and raised Jeremiah. While they weren't religious, they did try to teach their child how to be a good man. Jeremiah took these lessons to heart was know throughout the county as a wise boy with good potential.
Jeremiah worked as his father apprentice up until the Johnson-Phillips gang, a local group of hoods, blamed his father for a series of weapons malfunctions. What the gang lacked in brains the made up for in brawn. They wouldn't take proper care of their weapons and often in gunfights their guns would jam or worse. Almost always this would occur during a gunfight and normally resulted in loss of life for the gang. They decided after several causalities that they would take out there revenge on James and his family. The parents both died long horrific deaths after being brutally beaten. Jeremiah was saved when passing authorities heard shots and chased off the villains. This is likely the event that caused Jeremiah to experience blackouts. He was found under the corpses of his mother and father and was in a state of shock for days. Jeremiah was taken in by the sheriff and later became a deputy who still held the respect of the locals.

Civil War

By the time the civil war started, Jeremiah was sheriff over Fayette county. Jeremiah never actually participated in the civil war. No one would recruit him because both sides wanted him a the local lawman in the area. He was close to the Mason-Dixon and act relatively impartial to both sides. He took up no arms in the name of the U.S.A. or the C.S.A., instead solely fought for the people in his jurisdiction. He has killed soldiers from both side when they broke his laws. It should be noted that some theories state that Jeremiah refused service and killed any officer who tried to draft him. This would explain several incidents where an officer and any soldiers in the immediate vicinity would be found dead after coming to see Walsh.

Sarah Lewis and Mary Walsh

At the age of twenty-two, a young woman came to Fayette county with her family. They were the Lewis family, hoping to move West rather then face the more feverish fighting in the East. Unfortunately, their funds had become exhausted along the way and now they were in the middle of the war. Jeremiah, understanding the desire of a life free of conflict, made arrangements for shelter and found short term work for the father, Alexander. While helping the Lewis he met their eldest daughter. Her name was Sarah Lewis and the two quickly gained affections for one another. The two courted each other properly, and within a year they had been married. Jeremiah was happier then he had been in a long time and had hope for the future once again.
Jeremiah life seemed to be perfect in 1868 with the birth of his first and only child. Her name was Mary Walsh. By this time, Jeremiah had replaced himself as sheriff and was making a living on the farm next to his father-in-laws. He had a happy life full of hard days and nights spent closely with his family. Until tragedy struck.
On June 9th, 1870, Jeremiah's entire family was killed. The murders were brutal, bloody, and the only survivor was Jeremiah. Sadly, he had experienced a black out during the slaughter. The locals suspected that Jeremiah was responsible, but with no proof he could not be taken into custody. The locals formed a lynch mob and tried to hang Jeremiah, but the sheriff helped him out of town.

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