James Garvey

History and Relationships
You are James Garvey, a somewhat reckless young man from Cedar Mountain Virginia. Your father was somewhat poor, but not impoverished. You were always pretty adventurous, and it has gotten you into trouble occasionally.

You've been friends with Edward Plunkett since you were a kid, and you managed to get yourselves into plenty of trouble when you were kids. You were always going to caves, old abandoned houses, and other such places. Your parents didn't really care that you were doing these things, though they expressed concern for your safety.

At age eighteen, you went to college in Raleigh. You met several others there over the course of two years who shared your interests. The six of you made plans to explore all of the ancient places of the world, from old castles in England to the pyramids at Giza. Perhaps your dreams of finding treasure were delusions of granduer, but hell, you'd certainly have fun looking for it.

Edward Plunkett
He's your best friend. Despite the fact that his family is a lot richer than yours, you found him to be a decent guy. You've both been through a lot. There's not much else to say; you can count on him to have your back in a tight spot.

Sarah Johnson
She's a tomboy that Edward is constantly flirting with. She's nice enough, but not really your type of woman. She's a pretty good friend, though.

Ryu Shinjo
He's a little strange, but he can cook up some great Japanese food. He tends to be pretty quiet. Overall, you think he's a decent guy.

David Jackson
He's a priest and a doctor. If you are going to be running around in dangerous places, you breath a little easier knowing that you have a doctor with you. You think David is a decent guy.

Emily Knights
A quiet, bookish girl. She's Sarah's best friend. You wouldn't mind getting a little closer to her, as she's the type of woman you wouldn't mind settling down with. You know that she is very knowledgeable about ancient history, which could come in handy.

The Basics
In comparison to the other characters, James has:

High hit points
Above average melee fighting capability
Average ranged fighting capability
A poor selection of skills
Average Sanity

James begins the game with his trusty brass knuckles, which allow his unarmed strikes to deal lethal damage (however, it is still an unarmed strike, and provokes an Attack of Opportunity). He also has a lighter.

Combat Tactics
James is probably best served by choosing melee combat. He has a lot of hit points and can even shrug off two points of damage from physical attacks, making him an excellent choice to fill the “tank” role.

The brass knuckles that James begins with deal a solid amount of damage, but he will provoke an Attack of Opportunity if he attacks with them. You can either take the damage (James is very tough and has plenty of hit points) or you can strike a foe that has already made an Attack of Opportunity in the same round (most creatures can only make one Attack of Opportunity per round).

James is proficient with Archaic Weapons, unlike some of the other characters. This includes weapons such as longswords and bows.

James has the Point Blank Shot feat, which gives him a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls if his target is within 30 feet (6 squares).

James has Remain Conscious, which will allow him to remain awake when reduced to negative hit points. If reduced to -13 hit points, he will die. While in negative hit points, James is limited to either a Standard Action or a Move Action (but not both) in a given round.

James has the Second Wind ability, which will allow you to spend one action point to recover hit points equal to James' Constitution modifier (in this case, 4 hit points). Use this ability sparingly, as action points are valuable. You can only gain one Second Wind per round.

James does not have a good skill selection. However, he can Climb, Jump, and Swim fairly well should the need arise. He can also use his Survival skill to get along in the wild and avoid natural hazards of nature, such as quicksand.

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