Jackson Gage, Texas Ranger

The Weirdness

The Weirdness. That's how I got where I am. Mostly started in '63. My brother fought at Gettysburg. He got discharged from the Confederate Army because he was seriously wounded in the battle. He would tell me stories about the weirdness. About when the soldiers died, but then they got up and started fighting again. Not sure I could have been more intrigued by it.

Come my 15th birthday (1864), I convinced a man from my town who was being made a colonel to let me come with him as his assistant. I knew I couldn't actually be a soldier yet, but I wanted to be near the weirdness. It was almost all I thought about. When I turned 17, the Colonel handed me a rifle. I looked at him questioningly, not knowing it was my birthday. I was now a Soldier. He also introduced to a friend of his. A Texas Ranger. He had told the Ranger about my serious interest in the weirdness. And my knowledge of what all had happened, mostly at Gettysburg. The Ranger said that when I had some experience in the Army, I should come see the Rangers. I spent five years in the Confederate Army. I gained ranks here and there. I was now a Sergeant. It was then I approached the Colonel about leaving. He knew the day would come when I ask to go see the Rangers. So he gave me leave. If they would accept me, I could join.

To Houston I went. I found the Ranger I had met those years before. He had been keeping track of my experiences in the Army. He was happy enough with what I had accomplished to let me join. I was now a Private in the Texas Rangers. That was five years ago. I've now been promoted to Sergeant. I finally had real responsibility.

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