Isaiah "Panther" Bishop

Funny how things like what language you took in high school can catch up with you in the
middle of a war verses an alien race. Happens to everybody right? I mean you follow a
leggy blonde into a classroom and the next thing you know the teacher makes so stay.
And what class is it? Swedish. Yep. I speak Swedish. Quite well actually. Three years
in high school and three in college. But things like war change your future. Don't get me
wrong. I mean the war had basically always been going. Since the 1800s. But the action
comes and goes. And after three years of college, it came again. So I joined up. Officer's
training, more Swedish, the whole thing. Eventually I ended up in a Spec Ops unit. I was
running missions in Eastern Europe. Guess I fit the bill by appearance and how well I
spoke Swedish. Lots of training, lots of missions… Lots of things I'm not proud of having
done. And then I get called in by my supervisor. Seems like things had gotten bad up on
Banshee. They were sending up units. But that wasn't why I was going. They were also
sending the blasters. Sorry the sykers. Bald guys with mind powers for all I understood of
it. And for some reason I was being reassigned. A unit of East European sykers were
going up. Command wanted a translator that could handle himself as a guard as well.
Lucky me. Don't get me wrong. I ended up really liking those guys once I met em. Just
definitely didn't end up being what I expected. So I was assigned to a syker unit. They
dubbed themselves Loki's Thunderbolts. I honestly kind of liked the name. A few in the
unit, myself included, adopted nicknames. They called me Svart Panter. Means Black Panther in English.
I wasn't going to argue with the moniker. I mean, I am black and my armor does resemble his.
Not to mention, I am one of the stealthiest members of the unit. But that's where similarities end.
No magic throwing blades, as far as you know. Oh yeah. I'm a black guy who speaks Swedish.
Att ett problem? Moving on.

Met the group's commander on the flight to Banshee. I was assigned to em before we left
so I could get to know the unit on the long trip on either side of the gate.
The man just looked at me funny when I walked in his cabin. The second I walked in,
he just stopped and looked at me. Not even at me. Pretty sure he
was searching through my mind. I introduced myself as their translator.
He started laughing. "You don't realize do you kid? Of course you don't."
I had no clue what he meant. "You're one of us kid." "Yes sir, assigned to your unit." "No
kid, really one of us. A blaster. A syker, whatever you want to call it. I can tell." I
couldn't believe what he said. But the unit began right in on me. Drawing my abilities out.
I guess I had never had my moment where my abilities manifested. Or maybe I just
assumed they were natural abilities that came out in my missions. Apparently I was
mistaken. And that's sort of where my training began. They taught me how to harness
my powers, how to meditate, and how the powers I was gaining could also improve
my abilities in Spec Ops missions. I was excited. I was learning so many new things.
I was also losing my hair sadly. Side effect of the powers. My head is lumpy. I don't
look great bald. But whatever, its fine. So after a few weeks in space and a few months
on Banshee, I was really getting a hold of my skills. Then things changed. The group
stopped going out a few people at a time and I stopped just being a bodyguard. It was
apparent my compatriots in the Thunderbolts wanted me to join them in the fight. So I did.
I had grown to like the group. We were already a little family. So we fought. Dealing with
the anouks and their skinnies. At first we just snuck in to their bases and those of their
human allies. But eventually it got deeper. We were sent after whole settlements. Bringing
down buildings we later learned had innocents… children. That idiot in comand kept
sending us out, with no regard for what we did. There wasn't even any hiding it. Everyone
knew because every other squad was doing it too. I don't know what to say anymore. But
it changed something any me. In all of us. Loki's squad in particular, we were known for
cutting up and joking around. But eventually it all stopped. It got… dark. Angry, mean,
aggressive. After a certain point anything that wasn't with us died with out us thinking. I
don't know why we did it, we just did. Then war broke out on earth. I don't mean like
had been going on forever. I mean world war. We started getting called home. A ship,
the Unity, came. It would take us all back. But we realized something. Soon we wouldn't
all be working together. We'd return to our countries and governments. And they'd use us
against each other. That's when the Oath came up. It was different for each big group.
All groups vowed never to hurt another member of their team. And some groups, like mine,
swore the other units they'd fought closely with. We swore to the Banshee Blasters and
Voodoo Gurus. So througth the portal we went. But when we came out, the ship couldn't
contact anyone on earth. And the planet didn't look the same. Places that should have been
visible from space weren't anymore. Out of the blue, the ship was attacked. Unknown
creatures were attacking. We were told to head to the escape pods. We figured what
civilians had left Banshee with us would meet us there. But after the pods launched we
learned most had been trapped by the creatures. Stories say a few sykers had stayed
behind to fight. We call them the Unforgotten Fifteen. Did all they could to help the
civies and let us escape. Never heard from again. No one from Loki's stayed. Most of
wish we had. We were brothers and sisters at arms. We should have. Probably wouldn't
have been any worse that what we found when we landed. The big nuclear war that was
always talked about finally happened. And it tore the planet apart. Practically started an
apocalypse. I mean that literally. The Four Horsemen are actually riding around out their
with their minions spreading their filthy ways. Many sykers spread out over the following
years to help out where we could, whether for profit or just to get by. A lot of us from
Loki's took the idea very, very seriously. It was our time time give back for others.
Time to try to make up for what we should have done on the unity. We started taking
assignments out of the junker's base. My new one is to go help out a town in Washington,
near Seattle. Keep getting hit hard but everything from a doomsayer to biker gangs. So
off I go. I'll miss my unit, but its time to make up for what I've done. Like the move said,
"I've got black on my ledger and I want to whip it out."

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