Hunter Calaway

Many people have a goal or objective that has been a part of them since they were young. A dream if you will. It dominates everything they do and think about until they achieve it. I had one of those growing up. Took me to the age of 23 to achieve it. Sure, I would have been happy to accomplish it sooner. But making it happen was enough. That goal can be summed up with a simple phrase. "One ranger, one riot." Yep, you got it. I am a Texas Ranger. I've always wanted to be one.

That desire was born in me at a young age. To be specific, the age of 12. That's how old I was the day a Ranger saved the town I lived in. The B.G. James and his gang had ridden into town that day in '59. They were shooting up stores and grabbing women. They had taken a liking to my little sister Jessica. Two of them picked her up and put in her in a wagon with the others. Then suddenly one of them fell over. Then the other. I couldn't hear anything over the commotion, but I later realized they had both been shot. A man with an eye patch rode, pistols in hand. He cleaned up the rest of the gang quickly. Well by cleaned up, I mean killed. Except for B.G., who he arrested. As he was about to ride off with his prison, I heard him tell the sheriff his name. Hank Ketchum. I'll never forget it. Man saved my sister.

Note from Tanner: Hank Ketchum lost his eye in the civil war where he was fighting for the south. I'm also pretty sure he wasn't a Ranger at the time. The story works, but you need to move things ahead a few years.

So from then on it was a given. Everyone in town knew it. I wanted to be a Ranger and nothing would stop me. When I turned 17, I realized I needed to get some experience. Sure I knew how to hunt and fire a gun. But that wouldn't get me in the Rangers. So I joined the Confederate Army. There were some Rangers that fought with us. I bugged them for years to get stories and any information I could. One of them told me to look him up when I got out and maybe, just maybe I could be a Ranger. I did finally get out. Year was '70. I went home for a while, tired of what I had seen. But I hadn't been back two days when I was ready to ride out and find the Rangers. We lived not far from Houston. So I made my way there on my 23rd birthday. Found the Ranger from my unit. After talking with his superiors and taking some tests, I was let in. I was a Ranger. After months of training and grunt work, I ask one of my superiors if they knew Ketchum. The man laughed at me. "Son, all Rangers know One-Eye Ketchum.

After some years of hard work, I managed to get transferred to Ketchum's division. I told him the story from my childhood. I ask how he had managed to shoot two men with two pistols while riding a horse. It was then he explained to me what he called two-gun mojo. Ketchum was what they call a shootist. A man who has almost become one with his gun. It was then that he began to train me in the way of the gun.

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