Hit Dice Recovery

You can spend a use from a healer's kit to restore your hit points by spending Hit Dice, rolling them and restoring your hit points. You add your Constitution modifier to each Hit Die rolled as a bonus, so characters with more Constitution will recover more per hit die spent. Your character's hit dice are the dice that determine their hit points from class or (in the case of many monsters) race. A 5th level wizard would have 5d6 hit dice, for example.

Example: A Rog2/Rgr2 would have four hit dice; 2d8 from his rogue levels and 2d10 from his ranger levels. With a 10 minute rest and a use from a healer's kit, he could roll any, none, or all of these dice, adding his Constitution modifier to each die rolled, and recover that many hit points. Joe chooses to spend one d8 and one d10, so he rolls those dice and gets a 5 and a 9. He adds his Constitution modifier of +2 to each, for a final result of 7 + 11 = 18 hit points recovered. He still has 1d8 and 1d10 of his hit dice left for future encounters during the day.

Spending hit dice to heal in this fashion does not give you negative levels or otherwise lower your effective hit dice for the purposes of spells and effects that vary based on your total number of hit dice.

Healing via hit dice requires a 10 minute rest and expends one use from a healer's kit, but requires no check. Some abilities may negate the need for a healer's kit. You recover all spent hit dice after getting a good night's sleep (usually 8 hours or so for most races).

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