History Of The Ashrim

The History of House Ashrim

In ages past, the elven house Ta'Ashrim occupied a cluster of islands a few dozen miles off the coast of what was then the Elven Nations (the human nation of Seriade has since taken some of the land that once belonged to the elves). The Ashrim were unparalled sailors and shipbuilders; an Ashrim ship was said to be by far the fastest on the ocean, both because of the excellent construction and because of the water elementals that they were somehow able to bind to the ships (the secrets of the binding process were lost with the Ashrim's destruction). The Ashrim did not sell many of their vessels, but when they did they fetched an incredible price.

The islands that the Ashrim controlled contained many of the rare woods that are today only found in the Sylvan nation of Gardenbur. The Ashrim were careful not to overharvest, so they were able to maintain their precious forests for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, these forests were lost when the islands sank into the sea.

According to some, a number of Ashrim were members of a cult that worshipped a dragon. Little is known of the cult itself, but strange magics and even elven sacrifices were reported in a few scattered documents. Whether this information is true or not is unknown. Most Ashrim, however, worshipped (or at least respected) Charl and Niima. Many Ashrim warriors wielded tridents into battle, and were (for land-based creatures) adept at underwater combat.

Information about the catastrophe itself is scarce. Some ships that were in the area mention a strange, grayish light emanating from the sea near the islands. The disaster spawned several large tsunamis that devastated the coastal cities of the elven nations. Some historians have speculated that the dragon cult had something to do with the Ashrim's destruction, but there is no real evidence to support that.

To date, very few Ashrim expeditions have had any measure of success. While the island's rough location is known, there are several dangerous sea creatures in the area that make salvaging anything difficult. One ship that returned spoke of giant, dragon-faced eels attacking their ship. Another group actually managed to send a party of explorers down into the ocean, but they were forced to retreat when attacked by an enormous blue-green crab that had an incredibly hard shell. I would advise anyone attempting to explore the area to be extremely careful.

-Galleon Silverbranch Ta'Illistim
Recorded Jastatos 15, 2945

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