Hell On Earth Mastercrafted Weapons

Mastercrafted Weapons

Mastercrafted weapons are ones that are a cut above the standard. They aren't magical, just very well made using only the best materials. For those wasters without some sort of relic, one of these extremely well made weapons might give them just the edge they need in a fight.


Making most regular weapons requires a TN 5 (simple knife) to TN 11 (katana) Weaponsmithing roll, depending on the type of weapon being created. Mastercrafted weapons use that as the base TN and require at least one raise — otherwise, the weapon turns out to just be a standard one. Each raise allows the smith to apply two enhancements to the weapon. A smith who got one raise when making a superior quality sword could choose to increase its defense bonus and give it a bonus to attack rolls, or give it armor-piercing capability and a damage boost, for example. With two raises, the smith could add all four of those. Just remember that the final price of the weapon will increase as more enhancements are added and the maintenance costs (see below) will get more expensive.

Those TNs might seem kind of high, but good tools can give a weaponsmith substantial bonuses. A fully stocked workshop might impart anywhere from a +2 to +6 bonus to the crafting roll depending on how good it is.

Oh, one more thing. Just like you need 3 levels of Medicine (General) to learn Surgery, you need at least 4 levels of Trade (Weaponsmith) to even attempt to make weapons of this quality. This just isn't something that you are going to accidentally do the right way.


These bonuses come with a price, though — the weapon must receive regular maintenance in order to remain in good shape, and unlike with regular weapons this maintenance costs money. This price must be paid once per adventure, or (if there is substantial downtime) approximately once every few weeks. A weapon that is not maintained will lose its mastercrafted bonus until maintenance is performed.

Actually performing the maintenance requires a TN 5 Weaponsmithing roll. Failing this roll wastes an amount of materials equal to 10% * the number of points the roll was missed by. Going bust means that the weapon suffered damage and is now forevermore a regular weapon of that type.

The price of maintenance is as follows (note that NPCs may charge additional fees to actually perform the maintenance, usually about 10 to 40 dollars):

Weapon Cost Maintenance
< $100 $5
$101 - $300 $10
$301 - $500 $20
$501 - $999 $40
> $1000 $80

The Enhancements

The possible enhancements are listed below. Note that the price listed is only the base cost for the person making the weapon; if the weapon is being purchased from someone else looking to make a profit, the final price could increase by 50 to 100 percent.

Additionally, just like anything else, the raw materials might simply not be available. You can't make a katana out of a tin shack, after all.

Bonus to Hit

A weapon with a bonus to hit has an especially sharp edge and/or good design. This enhancement gives the weapon a +1 bonus to attack rolls. Weapons that are particularly light or quick (knives, rapiers, etc) may, at the marshal's discretion, be eligible to receive this bonus twice. If so, the cost is doubled.

A weapon with this enhancement costs double the base price of a normal weapon of the type. A bowie knife with this enhancement would cost $50, while a sword with this enhancement would run $200.

Bonus to Damage

This enhancement allows a weapon to deal one extra point of damage per number of damage dice it has (+1 damage for 1d6, +2 damage for 2d8, etc). This bonus (but not the price) is doubled if the weapon is an axe, pick, or otherwise concentrates all of it's force on a single point. Note that this bonus is intended to be an offset for weapons with a low defensive bonus, so it is suggested that spears not receive this bonus.

This enhancement can only be added to melee weapons, thrown weapons, bows, or crossbows. It cannot be applied to ammunition.

Bonus damage costs either $30 or $60, for +1 or +2 damage respectively.

Increase Defense Bonus

Weapons with this property have a defensive design and are usually both light and reinforced. Because of the need for the two latter properties, this is an expensive enhancement.

This enhancement can only be added to melee weapons.

Increasing the defensive bonus of a weapon costs $150 X (weapons current DB + 1).

Armor Piercing Capability

Weapons with armor-piercing capability may have a sharp, narrow point or just be especially large and heavy. Almost all of them are reinforced. Unlike bullets, weapons with armor piercing capability do not lose a die of damage when attacking an unarmored target.

This enhancement can be applied to melee weapons, thrown weapons, or physical projectiles such as arrows/bolts only. Bullets continue to use the standard AP rules. Only AP 1 is possible via mastercrafting.

This enhancement costs (damage die type) X (number of damage dice) X 10 dollars to add to a weapon. This price will cover 5 arrows/bolts.

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