Helios The Minotaur


Helios is the mute first mate of the Drak Naroq.
Although being mute he understands Dwarven and Common well.

He is a fiercely loyal companion of Theros. They met on a mission to INSERT PLACE HERE to recover some elven artifacts on a small island in the INSERT SEA NAME HERE.Helios was the last member of a small tribe of minotaurs that dwelt on the island. Shortly after Theros party made land fall they begin to set up camp as he went to scout the island.After a short walk Theros found a trail leading to a cave wowed by his good fortune he rushed into the cave believing it to hold that which he searched.He was quite surprised to find large minotaur waiting for him inside.A fierce battle ensued that would last for well over an hour.Finally Helios grabs the battle worn dwarf in a mighty bear hug hoping to squeeze what precious little life the dwarf had left, but as he let out a mighty bellow thinking the dwarf was scumming to death the dwarf grabbed the minotaur's tongue and jerked with the last of his strength ripping it free from his mouth.Theros's would awake later that night only to find himself alive in that same dark cave with his enemy standing over him.As he reached for his hammer the minotaur only shook his head and the dwarf knew it was because of his worthy foe that he lived this day.When Thero's crew came to find him the next morning and found him sitting in the back of the cave drinking ale bloody and battered with a minotaur who looked much the same.When Thero's ask his crew what had taken them so long to come look for him he discovered that a strange storm had came it suddenly and trapped them in their camp.Thero's laughed a hardy laugh and said that it surely was a sign and introduced the crew to their newest member.

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