Gror S Camp

Commandeering the palisade surrounding E-block to section off his own small little 'kingdom', the area that has recently gained infamy as Gror's Camp belongs to a rumored monster or giant named Gror. Staking his claim on the area with the plethora of heads that have been pierced onto the sharp wooden spikes, this beast of a man has set up his own makeshift tribe in otherwise lawless E-block.

New E-block citizens fresh from the placements trials looking for protection have been rumored to 'defect' to Gror's separate 'city' inside the walls. What Gror has done with them is a matter that is questioned. Some say that Gror's band of "merry men" are Robin Hood esque in their pursuits and are looking out for the citizenry of the city. Others say that Gror is a demon himself gathering followers to destroy Purgatory from the inside out. Others are of the opinion that Gror simply eats whoever comes to him and then animates their corpses to gather more food.

While rumors vary wildly from tale to tale about who or even what Gror is, one thing is undisputed. He is a worthy combatant who has carved out his own niche in the city.

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