Gror Battlecaller
Gror was a member of a branch of the Shadde-Quaha, a barbarian hord who roamed the plains of Golgarian. He, along with three other "chosen" youth were the sons and daughters of Ogres and warriors of the tribe. These children would become the War Cheif of the tribe. Gror was the strongest of all the chosen, but not as bright as Sha-sara, one of the few chosen who took after their human side more then the ogre.
Foreseeing her inevitable death at the hands of Gror she chose to hier a local shaman to cast a spell on gror to put him to sleep. While Gror slept Sha-sara sold him to the caravan to purgatory as a slave soldier.
When Gror woke up he was already miles from his home and tied down to a sledge being pulled by a horse towards the walls of purgatory.

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