Gothic Horror Special Items

This page will contain items unique to the Gothic Horror series. Most items in this series are on tags, but the information is posted here for your convenience. This list is not complete; some items will not be added to this page until they are discovered in play.


Herbal Medicine
Effect: Grants 1d8+1 temporary hit points.
Medicine pills that accelerates the metabolism and fortifies the body. Taking more than 1 per hour or 4 per day may cause unwanted side effects.

Blood Wine (Normal)
Effect: Restores 1d8+1 hit points.
Low proof red wine laced with healing herbs that can help heal wounds.

Blood Wine (Potent)
Effect: Restores 3d8+10 hit points.
Low proof red wine laced with powerful healing herbs that can help heal wounds.

Effect: If taken pre-emptively, it will give a +10 bonus on all Fortitude saves made to resist poison. It will remain in your system for one hour. If taken after you are poisoned, it can still help resist the secondary effects of poison.
This is a cure-all herb that is often used to combat poison.

Thera Leaf
Effect: Restores 1d4 points of Sanity.
Thera leaf has a soothing odor and can calm the mind if consumed.

Medical Kit
This kit contains clean bandages, splints, healing herbs, and other equipment that makes basic first aid much easier. It grants a +2 bonus on Treat Injury checks. It can be used ten times before it's supplies are exhausted.

Weapons and Armor

Sword Cane (Need Archaic Proficiency or -4 to Attack Rolls)
Damage: 1d6
Threat: 18-20x2
Range Increment: —

Club (Can be made of various materials)
Damage: 1d6
Threat: x2
Range Increment: —

Brass Knuckles
Damage: Special
Threat: x2
Turns non-lethal into lethal damage, but attack is still considered an unarmed strike that provokes an attack of opportunity. With the Brawl feat, deal +1 damage in addition to dealing lethal instead of non-lethal damage.

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