"Yes, I am an orc. Congratulations on your grasp of the obvious."

"I'm glad you're surprised I'm so articulate."

"Why are you still here?"

"Call me civilized one more time and I will rip your heart out."

A typical conversation for Ghorbash, who is a very atypical Half-Orc. He is far more intelligent and orderly than most orcs, but still holds their ferocity and strength. Raised in Orc society, he became very hardy and the scars that cover his body explain why. Constantly in possession of his tribal mask, usually half dressed and never without his Elven Curved Blade, the sight of him on your path is enough to send most travelers hiding into the bushes. Ghorbash tends not to mind these over reactions. It just saved him the energy of having to remove them from his path.

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