Halfling Name- Garot
Brevorian Slave Name- Narcius

"You want to know how I ended up in this position? What lead me to be in this unfortunate situation?"
"My name for the record? Which one you want? Yeah, I have two. I'll explain that too. Let me start from the beginning."

"As you can see, I'm a halfling. We aren't exactly the most popular creatures in some areas. One of those areas is Cheliax. Many halflings are nothing more than slaves there. Many for most of their lives. My family started out in that position. I was houseboy from the age of 6 till 15. My masters named me Narcius. Never told me why. Write that down. That's the first name. So moving on. 15. That's when life got interesting. I had been sent out by master's wife to fetch something from the market. But not the usual market. What most didn't know about my master and his wife was that they had a particular past-time they greatly enjoyed. That was doing drugs. When I turned 15, they decided I was old enough to be the one who picked their "treats" up for them. This meant visiting a different part of town. The town, Westcrown, has many districts. One of those is Rego Cader. Within Rego Cader, you will find what is known as the Dusk Market. Its a travelling market that pops up in various abandoned buildings for two hours right before sundown to sale… special items. My master's treats were among the selection."

"So off I went to Rego Cader. They had a contact in the area. I met him near a random, predetermined building. He led me to an the empty ruins of a theatre. There, set up in such a way so that it could disappear before you could call a guard, was a market. A black market. Or well, I guess a Dusk Market. That's what its actually called. The Dusk Market. It was fascinating. I had never seen anything shadier. But at the same time, nothing I had ever seen was more exciting. More intriguing. It was so… dangerous, but at the same time, so free. These people were taking a ridiculous chance. If the rundottari, local police, caught them, they could potentially go away for years. Maybe even be killed depending on what they were selling."

"The vendor I was taken to was also a halfling. I was amazed. I struck up a conversation, trying to figure out how the man had gotten his master to let him out for this long at a time, especially while being seemingly unguarded. That's when he explained that he wasn't a slave. Well technically, he was. But he lived free. He had escaped some years back and made his way to Westcrown. He joined up with this traveling market and had become one of its most popular vendors. Then, he offered me an opportunity. If I could convince my masters to let me be the one who made their weekly pickup, he would use that time to teach me things. Things that might help me one day make my own move to freedom. For three months, I spent just long enough at the market each time to learn something new, but not be gone so long that it was suspicious. Then Ruroc, the halfling vendor, took it one step further. He used his middleman contact with the family to convince them to let me do some work around the market in exchange for lowering the price he charged for their treats. They were so excited at the prospect of the cheaper treats that they agreed readily. Every week I spent hours upon hours at the market. This time lasted almost 2 years. At first, I did stuff to really help them out. Unpack product, keep watch, help move from day to day. And they started calling me something new. I was no longer known as Narcius. Not in the Dusk Market. I was now Garot. Write that one down too. That's the one for the permanent record by the way."

"But then I started getting new jobs. I would go close by to pick up product. I would find new places to acquire product. Then one day, Ruroc sat me down. He told me it was time. Time to start again. Start over. As a part of the Dusk Market full time. He wanted me to run away. He would tell my masters that I had been caught by the guards picking up something. When I tried to run, they cut me down. I never stood a chance. It seemed like a such a great idea that I couldn't say no. It probably wouldn't have worked as well as it did, but Ruroc took it a step further. Before my masters could even really react to me being "dead", he had already had the middleman tell them that he would increase their order size at no extra cost if it would make them feel better. They were so excited they completely moved on and simply got a new house boy. And thus, I was free. Well freeish. I guess I am to this day still a slave of sorts… But that's not important. I was now apart of the Dusk Market."

"From that day on, I was being taught new things. Ruroc had a new plan. I was to do something special for the Market. There are certain items and services the Market provides that aren't so easily attained. To be blunt sir, some of the products have to be stolen. And some vendors offer other… services. They handle problems for people. Many times they use children in "acquisition". They can get in and out of places easily. I, at the time, was not much bigger than some of the kids. But I was older, more experienced. So I went with the kids on some runs. Someone there size, but who could probably think on their feet better. By the time I was 20, they started showing me things that were more suited for the other services of the vendors. I'll spare you the details."

"Through the years, my variety of new skills came in handy. I did a lot of work for the Market. Became what they call an Agent of Dusk. While I worked with the younger ones, I started working a lot with one in particular. Name was Persaver. Good kid. Great at what he does. Real asset. Then things changed. My older masters had apparently become more adventurous over the years. They had decided they would do their own dirty work for once. Sort of an adventure I guess. So they came down to the Dusk to pick up their own treats. And saw me. And of course, cause this is how it always goes, recognized me. I ran. They gave chase, but thanks to my training, I had little problem avoiding them. For that moment at least. I was going to have to leave. Ruroc knew immediately where I should go. He had contacts in Brevoy. With people would provide… certain services. They had been looking for new recruits. So I joined a group that was being sent to assist them. Persaver was going too. We would be a team of sorts. Good to know someone in advance. Have a someone you can trust to work with."

The day we left was my 21st birthday. We moved to Brevoy. Got in with Ruroc's friends. They loved our little band that had come over. We already knew much of what we needed to. We picked up stuff quickly. We worked hard. And so, for three years, I worked for them. Until three weeks ago. That's when things kinda fell apart. Persaver and I were sent to acquire something for the group. Dangerous job. But it was something we could handle. Valuable stuff. We could get in a lot of trouble if we got caught. But we never got caught. Until that night. Persaver and I were sent out like usual, but they sent us extra help. We didn't think it would be necessary. But I guess it was. Cause we ran in to serious trouble. Someone working for our bosses had tipped off one of the owners of the property we were "visiting". They had alerted the local authorities. We were busted. Way past busted. Probably 20 guards."

"That's how I ended up here today talking with you sir. That's why I am sitting here talking to the Marshall. You saw it fit for some odd reason to give us a choice. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful. I think. I could go to jail for 20 years. Or I could go on this little trip for you. Just a little excursion exploring the Stolen Lands. No big deal. Could just get me killed or something. But I really have no interest in prison."

"So yeah. I guess so. Why not? Might be fun. In theory. Stolen Lands here I come. Oh and in theory, and this is just a theory, do you guys have a problem with me maybe opening a black market. Theoretically. You know in the town we start. Theoretically. Just think about it."

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