G-Ray Collector

A conventional G-ray Collector weighs about 10 pounds and is roughly the size of a small gas grill. For each pound of ghost rock burned inside, it produces 80 G-rays of power (this was errata'd from Junkman Cometh to make math easier). Most can charge a single battery at once and it takes about an hour to extract the energy from a pound of ghost rock.

Any Junker can build one with an Onerous (7) Occult Engineering roll, a day's time, and a few components (3 Mechanical, 5 Structural, 2 lbs of Ghost Rock).

Operating it with a coolant source (it has a hose to get water from a creek, etc) makes it about as hot as a stove. Without a cooling source, anyone within 10 yards takes 1d6 Wind per minute.

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