My name is Franciska Westmark. I am one of the celestial-touched, the aasimar. My parents are not the ones who bore me, but they took care of me nonetheless and are as real a father and mother as they can be.

I grew up in the city of Magnimar. Life as an aasimar child has special challenges — there are many superstitions which are largely untrue. I did not have many friends, though the ones I did have were close. My parents were merchants of reasonable success, and took me in when they found me alone on the side of the road while they were traveling to Sandpoint in a caravan to trade. I was two years old; I do not remember why I was there, who my birth parents were, or what happened to them. They had no children of their own (a fact that has since changed — two years later my younger sister was born).

Perhaps it was due to my celestial lineage, or maybe just my own morality, but I could never stand for others to suffer. In my childhood I fought off many bullies, something that landed me in hot water more than once with parents who thought that I was beating up their precious little saint. Thankfully, my parents were able to see through such things, but I gained a bit of a reputation as a result.

It was only a matter of time before I entered battle training. I started in the militia, where I learned the basics defending our neighborhood. Later, I moved on to work for a church dedicated to Iomedae. Most of my present abilities were learned there.

I have since traveled around the area, doing what I can to guard the meek and smite the forces of evil that would see to dominate them. Most of my time is spent in Sandpoint, a town smaller and more vulernable than Magnimar. A year ago I helped the sheriff and his guards shatter a criminal organization that was trying to move in on the town and extort protection money from some of the businesses; I have been welcome in town ever since. Though fame is not my goal, it is nice to be welcomed and trusted.

As of late, I have taken something of a "vacation" and returned home to Magnimar. I have spent the last two months there, spending time with my family. However, with the recent stories of goblin attacks, I cannot stay there for long. I must return to Sandpoint and aid it in repelling these invaders…

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