Flash Bolts

Flash Bolts
Required Power: Ammo (Gun)
Construction TN: 5 (Ammo power Base TN) + Frame size of batch
Required Components: 10% chemical and 10% structural components based on frame size of batch created (use smallest frame size that can hold that many slots, 0.4 slots per bolt)

Example Batch
Batch of 17 bolts is Frame size 1 (6.8 slots). Construction TN is 6 and required components would be 1 chemical and 1 structural.

Batch of 40 bolts is Frame size 2 (16 slots). Construction TN is 7 and required components would be 2 chemical and 2 structural.

Final Stats
6d6 wind damage, Burst Radius 1

NOTE: These can also be made grenade-style for throwing. The math is unchanged. Also, any Junker crossbows that I make are assumed to fire slot size 3 bolts. The difference between the slot size of these bolts and 3 slots is considered to be nothing but dead space.

Creation Steps
Step 1 (Ammo size): 0.6 slots (0.1 per d6, 6d6 damage)

Step 2 (Slugthrower/Warhead): Warhead (doubles required chemical components to 20%)

Step 3 (Burst Radius): Burst Radius 1 in Full Arc, increases size by 30% (size now 0.78)

Step 4 (Propellant): No propellant, -10% required chemical components, size -50% (size now 0.39 slots, rounded up to 0.4 slots, and back to 10% required chemical components)

Step 5 (Wind damage): All damage is Wind; opposed Vigor roll, deals difference in Wind damage

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