Ambrose 'Fishguts' Kroop is the ship's cook. He seems to get along all right with Silver, though the fact that he is often found drunk makes the food service a bit dicey and causes food preparation to fall solely on Silver's shoulders some days.

He is friends with Grok, and the two of them often spend evenings drinking together.

Sensing some animosity towards him, Silver talked with Ambrose and, in a heartfelt discussion between the two of them, revealed that the man used to be the Head Chef at a restaurant in Port Peril named The Lobster's Armor until he was fired and kicked out for inappropriate behavior towards a waitress. Harrigan found him soon after and brought him aboard the ship.

Ambrose admitted to being jealous of Silver's cooking skills, which caused him to drink even more than he already was. Silver apologized for 'showing off' and has begun trying to help Ambrose better himself.

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