Finishing The Fight

An army is victorious once all of its enemy armies are destroyed or flee the battlefield.

Victory: A victorious army’s hit points remain at the level they were at when the battle ended (minimum value equal to the army’s CR). Make a Loyalty check against your kingdom’s Control DC—if you are successful, your army gains a new Tactic. Every time an army gains a new Tactic, its morale goes up by 1 (maximum of +4).

Rout: The army’s hit points reset to a number equal to the army’s CR, and its morale decreases by 1. Before this army can fight again, you must make a successful Loyalty check against your nation’s Control DC during your nation’s Upkeep phase.

Defeated Army: Although there are certainly a few survivors if an army is reduced to 0 hit points, those few survivors are so demoralized and wounded that the army cannot recover. It must be replaced with a new army. Every time an army is defeated, reduce the kingdom’s Stability, Economy, and Loyalty by 2.

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