Festival Of Arms Sept 30th

The Festival of Arms is a 2 part affair. The first is that it is a tournament of arm's featuring all the various forms of martial combat. Ranging from magic to old fashioned bar room type brawls. This is a time for Commoner or Noble alike to participate and show their level of skill and bravery. Also featured is not just fighting but tests of skill, endurance, and loyalty.

General Grunbeld proceeds over many of the competitions and will often step into the rings of combat to test individuals personally.

From these competitions those, who win OR prove their worth are selected into a pool of candidates. From these candidates the General personally tests and trains them to earn the chance to join the ranks of the Elite Drakmoore Dragoons.

Of Note: The fame of this festival has spread across the entire nation, with many people coming to compete from across the width and breadth of Zeltenia.

Some Competitions:
1 Handed Weapon Combat
2 Hand Weapon Combat
Dual Wielding Combat
Monster Combat
Night Combat
Brawling Combat
Archery Combat
Magic Combat
Dueling Combat
Obstacle Course
Endurance Course
Tests of Loyalty
Ranged Combat

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