Felix McCalister

"Is this your card sir?"

Felix McCalister was born in New Oreleans about twenty five years ago. He ran away from home at age eight, and hung around outside the bars watching the gamblers. He always liked watching them shuffle the cards. He learned to play by watching them all play, and he started noticing he could do things with cards that most other people couldn't. He started playing cards at those bars he used to watch as a kid. He fell in with a rough crowd and got him self an addiction to Laudanum. He made his money to keep himself alive by challenging those gamblers and beating them. When he couldn't win, he picked their pockets. He decided to pack up a few years back and head West. Felix didn't know what he would find out West, but he figured as long as there were suckers willing to play cards and doctors with Laudanum he would be in good hands.

Once he got out West, he fell in with another huckster. She was an older woman than him, but he stuck with her just the same. What he didn't know is the copy of Hoyle's she had was one of the old copies…the REALLY OLD copies. They ran throughout the West, gambling in bars and swindling those poor saps out of their money left and right. One time, they got caught in a bad spot and she was seen slingin' hexes. The Rangers came and arrested her, and when she refused to join, they hung her for being a witch. Felix got arrested as well, but he was able to sneak his way out past the guards. He went through Sarah's stuff and found her copy of Hoyle's and got out of town. He now wanders the West, finding Lauanum and people to win a few dollars off of.


"Hey stranger, wanna play some cards? Now I know, I know, I have good luck, but we all have our moments….I just like to think that fate smiles on me a little bit more than the rest." Felix said as he dealt out the cards. After about an hour of intense poker playing, the gentleman Felix was playing, well beating at cards, decided to pull a gun on Felix "Yer a cheatin' bastard, that's what ya are! I'll fill ya full of lead!" Before he could fire, Felix pulled out his gun and shot the man in the hand. While the man clutched his hand, Felix went over and whispered "Now fate seems to smile on me, and fate seems to frown on those who cross me. I best be on my way." Felix walked out of the bar and got on his horse, and rode off into the dust.

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