F Block

"F-Block" is generally the home of the individuals who failed miserably during the Placement Trials when entering into Purgatory. Barely even a part of the city anyway and not protected by the city's wardstone, it comprises an undefined swath of loosely cultivated land that empties into dense forest outside not only the city warded walls. It is a dangerous place where wild, tainted animals roam freely and the Wardens visit only if required. Most new members to the city of Purgatory can find easy work by taking several of the never ending jobs on The Board that relate to clearing out the area of the tainted livestock and wild animals that roam the area. In addition, as one of the roads that lead to the entrance of Purgatory pass through this area, some criminals who like risk prefer to try and ambush any passing caravans that come through this way.

While the weakest of the new batch of criminals are dumped here to fend for themselves -often with failing results-, a few more nature minded individuals prefer the excitement that this area outside the walls brings than to the excitement within the walls themselves. Rumors have it that a few druidic criminals have ensconced themselves deep enough into F-Block to form their own circle.

While F-Block has very few buildings, there are a few places of note:
The Shack

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