Ezechiel Frost

Ezechiel Frost


Born on June 14, 1844, Ezechiel Daniel Frost seemed as though he would live a completely uneventful life. Which he did until a few short years ago. He was raised by his father, William, a man who instilled in his son almost no religion. They lived truly mediocre lives in Atlanta. When the Civil War started, William decided that it was his duty to take up arms in defense of the Confederacy. Leaving his son in charge of the butcher shop, he went off to war… William didn't survive a month.

With his father dead, Ezechiel tried to survive alone in the world. He barely survived in a war torn nation, making it day to day with no greater objective than to survive. He kept his head down and his mind on his work. Until the faithful day that Northern forces invaded Atlanta.

With his home burning and gunfire in the air, Ezechiel took to the streets with the rest of the frightened populous. Wondering aimlessly, he found himself in a church for the first time in his life. Surrounded by terror, in this place he felt safe. Listening to a preacher lead the weeping people in prayer, Ezechiel heard a still quiet voice. “Ezechiel, there is a passion in you. A fire. As Atlanta burns in destruction, you burn with hope. Go out to the streets.” Shocked by this, but unable to think of any other actions to take. Following the directions of this quiet voice, he went to the alley behind the church. There he saw a man beset by the undead that had risen from the blood soaked streets. The voice came again. “Take up thy blade and cleanse this world of this evil.” Overcome with righteous fury, Ezechiel fell amongst the unliving and fought till they were vanquished.

As the sun broke over the ruins of Atlanta, Ezechiel returned to his shop. It had been robbed and burnt to the ground. As he stood in the ashes, the voice directed him to what had been his father's room. Hidden beneath the floorboards, he found his father's bible wrapped in a thick heavy scarf. As he held it in his hands, he felt waves of power sweep over him. “Take this power, and go forth. Cleanse this world of the unrighteous men and unholy abominations.” With the first real desire he had ever felt in his life, he set out to destroy the evil that befalls the earth with his butcher's knife in hand.

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