Explosive Crossbow Bolts (AP Warhead)

Explosive Crossbow Bolts (Large)
Required Power: Ammo (Gun)
Construction TN: 5 (Ammo power Base TN) + Frame size of batch
Required Components: 10% chemical and 10% structural components based on frame size of batch created (use smallest frame size that can hold that many slots, 2.2 slots per bolt)

Example Batch
Batch of 7 bolts is Frame size 2 (15.4 slots). Construction TN is 7 and required components would be 2 chemical and 2 structural.

Batch of 24 bolts is Frame size 4 (52.8 slots). Construction TN is 9 and required components would be 6 chemical and 6 structural.

Final Stats
10d10 damage, Burst Radius 1, AP 5, Burst Arc 60 degrees
-5 dice to targets not directly hit

NOTE: These can also be made bomb style for planting like a traditional explosive. The math is unchanged.

Creation Steps
Step 1 (Ammo size): 22 slots (0.4 per d10, 10d10 damage, figured as 55 dice)

Step 2 (Slugthrower/Warhead): Warhead (doubles chemical components required to 20%)

Step 3 (Burst Radius): Burst Radius 1 in 60 degree arc, decreases size by 80% (size now 4.4 slots)

Step 4 (Propellant): No propellant; -10% chemical components, size -50% (size now 2.2 slots, and back to 10% required chemical components)

Step 5 (AP level): AP level 5; -5 dice to targets not directly hit

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