Ethereal Holster

Speed: 1 (see text)
Duration: As desired
Effect: Ethereal Holster will allow a harrowed to create a pocket of space to store various items. The most common things that harrowed store are guns, but that's not the only possibility. While stored, an item is completely weightless and can't be seen.

To use the power, the harrowed concentrates briefly on the item he wishes to store, then it fades out to be recalled at a later time. This takes a single action. Recalling the object is done in the same fashion, except that the harrowed may make a Quick Draw attempt as normal. Some particularly large objects cannot be used with Quick Draw. When pulled from their spiritual hiding places, it appears as if the harrowed is drawing the item out of shadows. This is a pretty obvious effect and easily seen unless it happens to be night.

Storing an object with this power is mildly taxing. While an item is hidden away, the harrowed's maximum Wind drops by 1 per item. This does not penalize the harrowed for the purposes of Guts wounds from extreme Wind damage if her Wind begins going into negatives, it just knocks down from the upper end. The only limit to how many items can be stored is the amount of Wind the harrowed wants to have tied up in creating Ethereal Holsters, but the maximum size is restricted by the harrowed's level in the power:

Power Level Object Size
1 Derringer-sized pistols, small knives, wallet, clip
2 Regular-sized pistols, bowie knives, book
3 Average-sized rifles, swords
4 Large rifles (sniper), SAWs, spears
5 Rocket launchers, halberds, a small motorcycle

One final note — people who are particularly sensitive to the spirit world (such as those with arcane backgrounds) can sometimes see the hazy outlines of the stored items floating around a harrowed with this power. Such people get an Incredible (11) Cognition check to notice, then another Incredible (11) Academia Occult roll to figure out exactly what's going on. If the person fails the Occult roll, they're left with the impression that something isn't quite right, but they don't really know what's up.

Stamp of Approval: Tanner

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