Ereinion Saralonde

Ereinion Saralonde is a member of the Elven Expedition from Kyonin. He is a companion of Ortharion and originally joined the expedition as the elf in charge of the tribute the Elf Queen sent as a gift to Terra and the people of Zeltenia.

Ereinion is by far the oldest elf in the group from Kyonin, though not necessarily all that old by elf standards. His purpose after the care of the tribute is to monitor the quickly expanding and increasing economy of Zeltenia. This growth is the main subject of interest to the elves as Zeltenia has grown quite rapidly.

In the days before he worked in the court, Ereinion was an elven warrior. He fought bravely to protect his kin and his queen. After his main service ended, he became a guard of one of the elven treasuries. During his time there, it was noted that he had an aptitude for numbers and he was often used as a travelling accountant (so to speak) for the kingdom. He suits this purpose both for his ability with numbers, but also his prowess in protecting the wealth he travels with. He is used when delivering tributes or transporting large amounts of goods for trade.

Since coming to Jindark, Ortharion has offered the elf two new opportunities to use his talents. He now assisted Syldrenna in the black market and she is quite pleased having him added to the team. He has also been moved in with the brothers in assisting the spy network. While his methods may not be those of a conventional spy, his strength and years of experience dealing with merchants lends him to being quite useful.

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