Epilogue - Teras 3

The previous campaign ended on 7 Olaesta (April) in the year 3159. The next campaign will being two years later, in 3161.


There still aren't that many airships in the world, but more have been built in the last couple of years. The Elven Nations and its allies field a fleet of 12 airships (it would have been 14, but two were shot down), while Seriade lags behind with 4 relatively outdated ones. Minor modifications have made them somewhat faster and more powerful, and airship tactics is a rapidly advancing field.

The Front Lines

Thanks to their airships and many allies, the elves have managed to make a little progress, but the war is far from over. It isn't nearly as one-sided as it was in the past though, and either side may yet claim victory.

The Moons

Three of the four moons were shattered on 7 Olaesta of 3159; when Makiri hatched it released a tremendous amount of power, but Atrasia was able prevent serious damage to Teras (and greatly weaken the World Dragon) by routing the released power through Tiloak and Lornon. The remnants of the three moons appear as scattered fragments in the sky, and many of them have fallen to Teras. Most of these shards disintegrate during their fall and cause no damage, but occasionally one will damage a building in a city or destroy a farmhouse. A few people have even made weapons out of these shards, and the number of moon weapons have more or less exploded compared to previous numbers.

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