Emily Knights

History and Relationships
You are Emily Knights, a young, meek woman who grew up in Mount Pilot Virginia. You always tried to act like a proper young lady, but your friend Sarah is always tempting you to be more aggressive. You listen to her sometimes, but you are just happy acting like you normally do. She was always dragging you off to somewhat dangerous places when you were kids.

Sarah's efforts eventually made you become interested in history, and you have studied it extensively. You began to like exploring old ruins and such. The caves and old houses of your youth quickly became dull, however. You wanted to be a real archaeologist studying real artifacts.

At age seventeen, you went to college in Raleigh. You met several others there over the course of two years who shared your interests. The six of you made plans to explore all of the ancient places of the world, from old castles in England to the pyramids at Giza. Perhaps your dreams of finding artifacts and treasure were delusions of granduer, but you'd certainly have fun looking for it.

Edward Plunkett
A boisterous young man. You're interested in him, but he doesn't seem to notice you. You would like to actually develop a relationship with him, but you don't really know how to approach him; he seems to busy flirting with Sarah.

Sarah Johnson
Your best friend since childhood. Sarah is always encouraging you to be more aggressive. She can be a little harsh sometimes, but you know she is a real friend.

James Garvey
Edward's best friend. You like him; you know you can count on him if things get rough.

Ryu Shinjo
A quiet man from Japan. Ryu is a good-natured person with strong discipline. You know that he has studied Japanese fighting techniques and carries a katana. Ryu can also cook very good Japanese food.

David Jackson
David is a priest and a doctor. He is the oldest and most mature in the group. You like having him around, because you know that his medical knowledge will come in handy if anyone ever gets hurt. You only know basic first aid, but he can perform field surgery.

The Basics
In comparison to the other characters, Emily has:

Low hit points
Poor melee fighting capability
Above average ranged fighting capability
The best selection of skills
Average Sanity

Emily begins the game with a knife, first aid kid, two doses of Herbal Medicine (which can give temporary hit points), and two bottles of Blood Wine, which can heal injuries. Ask for tags for the Herbal Medicine and Blood Wine before play.

Combat Tactics
Emily is a decent ranged combatant, but her low hit points and poor Strength mean that she is just not suited for melee combat. You should avoid melee battles with Emily whenever possible and stay a good distance away from your foes.

Emily has the Point Blank Shot feat, which will gives her a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls if her target is within 30 feet (6 squares). She also has Precise Shot, which allows her to fire into a melee situation without the usual -4 penalty.

Emily's Quick Draw feat allows her to draw weapons as a free action instead of a move action, which allows her to easily switch weapons in combat.

Emily has the Evasion ability, which means that she will take NO damage from an attack that allows a Reflex save, instead of the usual half. This means that things such as grenades and explosions will likely do no damage to Emily.

If Emily has time to prepare before a fight or other situation, she can make a Plan by making an Intelligence check (her modifier is +4). With higher results, she gives the group a higher bonus (10-14, +1; 15-19, +2; 20+, +3). The bonus lasts for three rounds, and each round after the bonus decreases by one until it is gone. Emily is allowed only one roll per situation.

Emily has a huge skill list; she has many more skills than anyone else in the group. She has many knowledge skills, which allow you to ask questions to the GM and, if your knowledge roll is high enough, receive an answer. She can sneak around, use Decipher Script to read ancient texts, perform basic first aid, repair some objects (with the right tools), and, if given the proper materials, use her Craft skills (Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mechanical) to create certain devices. She also has Disable Device, which will allow her to pick locks and otherwise throw monkey wrenches into the workings of mechanical devices.

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