Elladia Seregon

Elladia is a druid. She has honed her craft for some time in Kyonin and seeks a new challenge. She is very close to the queen and requested to make this journey as a chance to prove her self. She has been asking Ortharion from time to time if she can join him in directly assisting Terra, and it seems that time may be on the horizon shortly.

Her fierce loyalty to the queen an her elvish heritage shows brightly when she works with Ortharion. They are two very different people. Elladia is a very traditional elf. She is in tune with nature and her animal companion. The only thing she favors more than nature is her elven heritage.

Her animal companion is a panther. Beautiful, strong, dark as a starless night. The creature holds loyalty first to her, but is protective of all the elves, even those like Ortharion. Ortharion's hawk is also known spend time with the Druid.

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