Eliam Fingers Cane

"The helmet stays on. That’s nonnegotiable. Why? Because I don’t want you pissants soiling yourselves, that’s why. You cushy business types have no idea the horrors that are out there. Besides, you didn’t hire me for a damn beauty pageant. You have a job that might get messy and you need someone to do it.

Good. We understand each other. Now, about my payment…

Money? Fuck you. As long as you give me ammo and the supplies I ask for I don’t care about that. What I want is information. You see this picture? I know you have records on these men. Don’t play dumb. The pissy tinhorn I worked for previously pointed me to you lot saying you had something on these guys in your records.
There is nothing to be confused about, it’s simple. You let me have a look in your records and I’ll fuckin' kill whoever or whatever you want. Enemy… friend… relative… women… children… the annoying cat down the street… I don’t care. Why? Fuck you, that’s why. You ask a damn lot of stupid questions. I have unfinished business with them and that is all you need to know about.

Now do we have a deal or not?"

This hired gun was once a member of the Black Hats named Eliam Cane. Recruited when he was only 18 along with his younger brother, Elijah, the two of them worked for Throckmorton’s fanatical army for almost a full four years. However, the destruction and the devastation of town after town became too much for Elijah to bear, and one night he convinced his brother Eliam to leave the Black Hats after hearing a rumor that there was someone in the next town over that could turn off their Headbangers and get them away from this life.

That night, the two of them fled the camp into the wilderness. Unfortunately, a radiation storm hit during their escape, slowing them down long enough for the officers of their former unit to catch up with them. While they tried to put up fight, Elijah was caught and Eliam was shot and fell down a small cliff into the middle of the storm. As the radiation storm continued to get worse, the officers were afraid of looking for Eliam and left him for dead. Elijah, however, was taken back.

The radiation storm didn’t kill Eliam though, for better or for worse. Instead, the intense radiation horribly mutilated the man. Struggling through the pain and the agony, Eliam was able to survive long enough to get to the next town where he was taken in and given a long time to heal. While it turned out that the rumor about deactivating the Headbangers was a lie, the Sawbones there discovered that the radiation has caused Eliam’s Headbanger to malfunction, rending it useless for the time being. By the time Eliam was able to recover the strength to go searching for his old camp and his brother, the Black Hat regiment was long gone with little to trace.

Masking himself to hide his disfiguring scars, Eliam became a hired gun in order to survive and find information about the Black Hats that were responsible for taking his brother. Eliam is a realist though, and knows that his brother is likely long dead by now. Therefore, his hunt for the former Black Hat officers is now a mission to see each of them dead over anything else. He cares little about anything else besides the culmination of his vendetta, even his life.

A battered worn journal

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