Ekujae Elves

The Ekujae elves are an exiled people. They inhabit an area not far south from Shrikewall. The elves of that area are a small group forced to leave the larger Ekujae tribe. They follow Hanok-ka as their leader. They are an aggressive group that openly engages those they feel threaten them. The party has had contacted several times, and it has turned violent.

The Ekujae have become increasingly violent, going so far as to march a full size attack force north to hit Shrikewall. Thankfully, the party joined forces with the soldiers and militia of Shrikewall. This group combined with the Steel Gators managed to turn back the elf attack.

Recently a large force of the Ekujae elves led another attack upon the defenses of Shrikewall. Ultimately after a furious battle and a valiant last stand by the Zeltennian forces, the Ekujae were forced into retreat.

It was immediately set upon by the leadership of Shrikewall that something had to be done to destabilize and demoralize these savage elves, or else the Colony would find itself in very dire straights soon. It was decided upon after a suggestion from Pontia to attempt a two fold mission.

The first step would be to set up a diversion at a vault tower to lure the majority of the defenses of the Ekujae away from their main camp. Which was met with complete success due to the combined efforts of the Zeltennian Soldiers and the Steel Gators.
The second prong of the attack would be for a small force consisting of Kul, Grunbeld, Brizio, Aspexia, and Jerin who made their way infiltrate and assassinate the Ekujae leader Hanok-ka, and his 2 lieutenants, Senna and Tela. The decapitation mission was a success! After a long and very bloody battle, the party stood over the corpses of Hanok-ka and one of his lieutenants, Tela. After succeeding, and recovering the bodies of the fallen, the group made good their escape.

As the group made their escape, they realized the village was under attack from another source. This was discovered to be the former tribe of the Ekujae exiles, coming to seek blood and revenge from the deep south.

Now the Ekujae exiles are reeling. Their leadership has been decimated, their people are under attack, and they have now lost 3 seperate engagements to the people of Zeltenia.

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