Edward Plunkett

History and Relationships
You are Edward Plunkett, a somewhat reckless young man from Cedar Mountain Virginia. Your father was fairly well off, and provided you with a good life. You were always pretty adventurous, though. It has got you into trouble before. When you grew up, you wanted to be a famous archaeologist.

You've been friends with James Garvey since you were a kid, and the two of you managed to get yourselves into plenty of trouble. The two of you were always trying to explore caves, old abandoned houses, and other such places. Your parents tried to stop you at first, but eventually just gave up on getting you to change your mind and decided that if you were going to do such reckless things, you might as well have the proper equipment.

At age eighteen, you went to college in Raleigh. You met several others there over the course of two years who shared your interests. The six of you made plans to explore all of the ancient places of the world, from old castles in England to the pyramids at Giza. Perhaps your dreams of finding treasure were delusions of granduer, but hell, you'd certainly have fun looking for it.

Sarah Johnson
One of the first people you met at college. You think she's pretty hot and have been flirting with her for years. You're pretty sure she likes you, too. Sometimes it can be hard to tell with her tomboyish attitude, but one day she's going to be yours.

James Garvey
James is your best friend. You've both been through a lot together. There really isn't much else to say; you can count on him to have your back in a tight spot.

Ryu Shinjo
He's a pretty unusual guy, but you like him well enough. He tends to be pretty quiet. That katana he carries once got you out of a tight spot with a bunch of goons in London. He's also pretty good at cooking Japanese food.

David Jackson
He's a priest, and also older than the rest of you. His skills as a doctor give everyone some comfort however, since if anyone gets hurt he can fix them. He is pretty knowledgeable about religeon, so if you ever found any old religeous texts he might know what and how valuable they are.

Emily Knights
She's Sarah's best friend. She's pretty cute, but not as good looking as Sarah. She's the brains of the group, always reading a book. She knows a lot about old lore and history, as well as how to mix chemicals.

The Basics
In comparison to the other characters, Edward has:

Average hit points
Excellent melee fighting capability
Average ranged fighting capability
A fairly poor skill selection
Average Sanity

Edward begins the game with a sword cane, providing him with a decent weapon, as well as a lighter and a heavy trenchcoat (which serves as light armor).

Combat Tactics
Edward is often best served by choosing melee attacks over ranged attacks. Unlike some of the others, he is proficient with Archaic Weapons, which includes things such as longswords and bows. Edward's Quick Draw feat will allow him to draw a weapon as a free action, so he can switch weapons easily in a fight.

Edward has the Power Attack feat, which allows him to take a penalty of up to -3 on his attack rolls for an equivalent bonus on damage rolls. The damage bonus is doubled for weapons wielded with two hands (but the penalty is not doubled). Not all weapons can be wielded with two hands. You cannot Power Attack with a ranged weapon.

Edward's Cleave feat will allow him to make another melee attack against a nearby foe if he dropped his initial target. To get the most use out of this, try to position yourself near two foes, one of whom is weak. Attack the weakened foe, and if you take him down, Edward can then make a Cleave attack against the adjacent target. This extra attack does not require the expenditure of any extra actions, and is made with the same attack bonus as the initial attack.

Edward isn't a master of ranged attacks, but he is fairly competent. His Point Blank Shot feat will allow him to get a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls if his target is within 30 feet (6 squares). His Double Tap feat will allow him to take a -2 on his attack roll to add one additional die of damage to his damage result (ie, 3d6 damage instead of 2d6), though this will consume two bullets instead of one.

Because Edward only has average hit points, be careful about exposing yourself to too many hits while going for Cleave attacks.

Edward has a poor selection of skills. He can Climb, Jump, or Swim fairly well, should the need arise. He also has Craft (Structural), which will allow him to check areas for stability and perform basic carpentry.

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