Dragon's Claw


A black airship seized from Seriade on a lonely island in the Kythera island chain. The original name was the "Conquerer's Hand" but the ship was quickly renamed. It is inferior to the Cloud Runner and the other Guardian airships, but still a powerful weapon in its own right.


  • Cylinders: Gast Mk I Chariot (Capacity = 5 tons)
  • Hull: Ironwood (250 hp, DR 15)
  • Main Engine: Gast Mk I Charger (Air Speed = 18 mph, Efficiency = 3 gp per mile)


  • Main Cannon: Gast Mk I Ironfist (2d10 + 10 damage, AP 15, Cost: 25 gp/shot)
  • Secondary Cannons: Gast Mk I Grapeshot (1d10 + 5 damage, Cost: 5 gp/shot)
  • Tertiary Weapon I: (none)
  • Tertiary Weapon II: (none)


  • Fuel Capacity (in gp): 10,000
  • Hull Repair Cost: 50 gp per point of damage repaired

Applied Upgrades/Modifications

Available Upgrades/Modifications

An upgrade is an alteration made to the airship which usually has purely positive benefits. A modification usually involves sacrificing one aspect to improve another, but it usually much cheaper than a pure upgrade.

Cylinder Upgrade I

Cost: 8000 gp
Effect: +3 ton cargo capacity

Efficiency Upgrade I

Cost: 8000 gp
Effect: - 0.3 gp cost/mile

Hull Hardness Upgrade I

Cost: 8000 gp
Effect: +2 hull DR

Hull Toughness Upgrade I

Cost: 8000 gp
Effect: +30 hull hit points

Speed Upgrade I

Cost: 8000 gp
Effect: +2 mph airspeed

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