Dragon's Breath Shotgun Shells

(Yes, these things really exist. Look them up if you want.)

Dragon's Breath Shotgun Shells are loaded with a special mixture that makes them project a large gout of flame when fired instead of the usual load of buckshot or slug. This essentially turns a shotgun into a flamethrower.

The gout of flame is expelled in a cone five yards long and three yards wide at its widest end. It deals 3d8 damage and automatically hits any targets in the area unless they dodge (opposed by Shootin' Shotgun). If fired from a double barreled shotgun, both barrels still hit automatically but roll damage separately; only in the case of a dodge is a raise required to hit with the second shell.

Because they have very little recoil, they can't be used in any kind of shotgun that relies on recoil to eject the spent cartridge, so they can only be used in pump or double/single barrel shotguns.

Dragon's Breath Shells are Rare and typically go for about $10 each in Hell on Earth.

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