General Information
Doomsayers are radiation priests that have learned to manipulate radiation and turn it into spells of various kinds. The Doomsayers are lead by Joan and are a split from Silas and his Cult of Doom. Both groups believe that "norms" or those who have no mutations are on their way out, but Joan and her followers don't believe in hurrying the process along. Silas and his crew kill norms on sight or convert them into mutants.

Good Doomsayers wear purple robes, while Silas's rad-priests wear green.

Playing a Doomsayer
Doomsayers need a good Spirit trait, because their Faith (The Glow) skill is used for their spellcasting. They also need a solid Vigor, because their maximum Strain is equal to their Vigor die type.

Doomsayers begin with the Tolerance miracle, plus one other miracle per point of Faith they begin with. Additional miracles can be purchases for 5 bounty points each.

A Few Doomsayer Miracles

Atomic Blast: Fires a beam of radiation that deals 1d10 damage plus 1d10 for each raise on the casting roll. Uses 1 strain.

Molecular Bonding: Makes the target's skin tough, granting -2 light armor for each success and raise on the casting roll. Uses 1 strain plus 1 strain per round to maintain it.

Nuke!: Fires a large blast of radiation that causes an explosion complete with a mushroom cloud. It does 3d20 damage plus 1d20 per raise on the casting roll in a burst radius of 10. It has a speed of 2 and uses 5 strain.

Tolerance: Makes the Doomsayer immune to background radiation for 24 hours and grants a +2 to resist stronger forms of radiation. All Doomsayers automatically learn this miracle to protect them from the harmful effects of radiation. Uses 1 strain.

Touch of the Doomsayers: Heals wounds; the TN and strain costs vary. Healing a critical wound or more causes the target to be Ugly As Sin at level 1.

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