Donovan Creed

Donovan Creed

You never know where an assignment will lead you or what you will be asked to do. But beyond that, you never know how you will truly react to your orders and what actions you may take in their wake. That was really heavy and probably more telling than I meant it to be. But at this point… I don’t know anymore.
I was serving in the Canadian army as a guard at a weapon’s facility. Simple stuff. Then one day I’m told I’m being transferred to the States. Texas. Of course its Texas. Can’t get less like Canada than Texas. But whatever, new orders, new opportunities. I got great training down there. Training from men who used to be Rangers. It was great. Was…
Then the bombs. So many, many bombs… We were working near the border. Covert stuff I didn’t need to know about or understand. Then came the bombs. We were close. Too close I guess. But don’t get me wrong, I mean I’m still talking to you. Maybe too close was a good thing. We all survived. All 12 of us. But we all got sick, all started to change. I guess the proper term now is mutie. All 12 of us mutated by the explosions. That radiation does mean things to people. And in some cases makes for bad situations. We returned to base but it was basically gone. Few people survived in an underground bunker. Those would be the men who sent us out on mission. One of them, the man who ordered me down from Canada. I’d have been fine in Canada, but not here. I lost it. Filled him full of holes. Filled those holes full of more holes. My team were as angry as I was. We were all ferners brought in to fight. All changed because of it. Everyone left at that base when we arrived died before we left.
So we moved on. Sort of a rogue group. We did mercenary work for a while but that got old. Eventually we split into three groups. Four of us, myself included, headed north. We were all Canadian and maybe we could get back there. Never made it. The lot of us got dropped by a road gang. Big one. We killed maybe 20 guys before they got us. Only myself and Andre escaped. We ran and ran. Seemed like weeks we were on the move. Ended up somewhere called North Bend, Washington. Well, not exactly. Muties have their own little space called Mutie Town. We weren’t allowed in North Bend till recently. Things changed.

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