Doctor House M D

Gregory House came from an affluent family, and he was fresh out of medical school when he went to work for the Backlund Mining Company as their resident doctor for the miners. He was sent out with Andrew, Benedict, and 'Coyote' to look for Mr. Backlund's son, Christopher. The trip was dangerous and left him badly wounded in his right leg. After that he started having trouble sleeping between the leg and having watched Jackson being torn in half and Reverened Owlsley burn to death.

He traveled West for sometime until he found Jackson, a Texas Ranger. He needed a doctor to travel with him and his associates to keep them on their feet. Dr. House never really liked working for an establishment after Backlund, but he liked having someone good at shootin' watching his back.


"Now see this is why you people need me around here." House said as he pulled a bullet out of David's arm. "Ah! That hurts!" David said as he winced in pain. "Yeah well so does listening to you talk, and they don't make enough pills to make that stop. Now take two of these and you'll be fine. Hey Mr. High and Mighty, make sure he doesn't get into anymore trouble, or at least make sure if he does it kills him next time." House said as he limped away back into the clinic and right out the door. "Where do you think you are going?" Jackson said as he turned House around. "You are on clinic duty right now." House sighed and took another pill for his leg. "I hate clinic duty." He walked back in. "You have a cold, your wife is sleeping with that guy, and for the last time there is nothing wrong with you other than your personality. Now, I'm going outside." Then he walked outside and back to his office.

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