Doctor Robert Iroh Beddum

Dr. Robert Iroh Beddum

Born to free Nirmathians, Robert Beddum began life as so many of his countrymen do. His story started in the Fangwood Forest as the child of the Village of Hart’s Glenn. His life was simple and he himself was set on the path of the simple farmer or humble merchant. He had a sharp intellect and a curiousty that typically caused him more problems that most boys. He always ventured too far into the woods and never came home before the last lights of each day gave way to the shimmer of the night sky. What would have been a bother to most parents was the delight of his kind but stoic father Andril and the compasionate yet firm Rue. His siblings were, as all children, sweep up each morning by the adventure warm sunlight and forest winds blesses the young with. It was a joyous life filled with love and learning.

But life has its own story to tell. What was a life of self sufficiency and tight community became a tale of isolation in the matter of a single night. That night he learned why his father always warned him of the depths of the woods. That summer evening explained the tinge of fear that hid behind a forgiving mother’s gaze when he did not make it home before the baying of the dogs could be heard. All it takes is a single night to remake a man’s future…

He was laying in their small cottage. As usual he was the last of the children asleep. He laid with a philosphers distant gaze at the roof, contemplating the countless wonders that had filled his bright day. It was such a funny little creature he had found. Why did his mother seem so scared of what she called a Sprite. And that noise from the cave. Was it an animal? He thought it sounded like singing. He wasn’t scared of those silly looking mushrooms that frighted the others away from the cave, but he knew they would tell if he went in. His mind spun the tale of the day through his mind as he listened to his parents in the other room. His father was stood by the fire. Young Robert did not know what his father was saying, only that he loved the way it made his mother laugh. But the laughed stopped. That’s when his gaze fell outside the window. Where did the stars go…..?

The roof was aflame in seconds, before he even heard her scream. She had been just there, in the room. Where did Amelia go?What’s that funny looking thing in the corner? His curiosity had got the better of him again. He should have been crying like his brothers. When father came in with the sickle was when he suddenly became aware of how wrong things had become. The little creature laid limp as father took them out side, just as mother was laying when they passed her in the kitchen….

The little monsters were everywhere. They all went after father so the children ran. It was so dark. Why was the moon that color? Nevermind, he had to find some where safe. The well! He hid there so well it scared father when the other children couldn’t find him.

….He could see the sun through the top of the well before anyone found his hiding spot….

When the Chernasardo Rangers found him the air was still thick the ashes that had been Robert’s life. It was a dwarf who had grown thirsty from digging graves that found him. Ki Bhull fished him out and called to the others. They pulled the scarves that held back the stench from their faces as they surrounded his trembling frame. It was three days later when he finally spoke. It was the elf Ashra Vesludah pryed his name from the silence. He whispered his name but to those who had taken him as their ward it was the glorious singing of temple bells. “Well, Robert, now that we have got those lips parted should we try to eat?” Her Elfen voice reminded him of mother’s……

Years make habit of passing for all who make their home in the Fangwood. The Rangers were no different. Eventually Ki Bull grew too old and “took roost” like the stealthy and sarcastic human Cidwir Rovikh said he would. Ki would forever be mocked by his closest friends as the Old Bird or Dirty Bagder Dwarf. Jokes even in his early teens Robert joined in. The night Ki went into the woods alone was the first time he ever tasted wine. The Rangers insisted ale was much more appropriate for growing boys. But they had run out.

Soon after he reached the proper age to begin study. Despite Urrg Harskfire’s insistance the boy would make a proper warrior, Ashra knew young Iroh, as they called him, was meant to bend magic to his will. Urrg took the decision as well as he could, but half-orcs who delight in rage and combat rarely concced a disagreement easily. Ashra took to the task, a tender had that taught the stillness of mind needed to craft spells.

It was Molthuni warriors who took Urrg’s arm, but barely into manhood it was Robert who saved the rest of him. No healer had been among them since they lost Ki, but before he left the dwarf made sure everything he knew of natural remedies had been based to the boy who wanted to know everything.

It was near Phaendar when such a night happened again. Young Iroh did know how close he had been to what once was Hart’s Glenn or he may have expected it. His drooping eyes sprung open as a terrifying question tore sleep from him. Where did the stars go?

The swarm was on them in minutes but Robert had woke the Rangers in time. It was not a farmer and his parents this night. There would be no sickle, only swords. No children to flee. Only warriors, hardened by years of battle. He burned them with a cone of fire, Urrg made proper use of his lone axe. Ahsra summanded a toxic cloud to straggle them. Come morning no one was hiding, They were searching over the tiny corpses to see why these fey had gone mad.

Robert had a new scar and burning questions. What were these strange growths on the fey? Why did they smell like old logs and festering fruit? Who had done this? He had no answer but knew he would not find peace without them. He had to stay here. He had to know why. He said farwell to those who had raised him. He had a new mission. Rangers do not shed tears, but they goodbyes were long and filled with ache.

He turned his eyes to Phaendar. It would be his new home. It would be where he searched for truth. But still he could not stay within its boundries. He was part of the Fangwood all his life. He could not forget or abandon that now. So he was part of the city, but seperate. He was one of them, but still an outsider. In time he found his place as their healer. He would help when he could but was always looking for these fey and their ailment. In time his task became too much for him alone. There was a young girl in town who reminded him too much of Urrg to ignore. She would help him with his task, and he would help her find a proper place in the world. She was his ward as he was to Ahsra or Ki.

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