Dentril Amandil


Dentril Amandil has trained under his mother, Master Archer Aeawon Amandil, since he could hold a shortbow. In his years as an archer, he has fought in small skirmishes and large battles across the continent. After he received a message that he was being moved from his mother's unit, under the order of Lord Direclaw, he immediately packed and left for Kardohta, where his new unit was based.

His first mission with the new unit, however, met with near total disaster. Shortly after getting their orders his new unit found themselves wondering the Underdark fighting off patrols of Troglodytes and doing their best to stay alive. After one such encounter, they were ambushed by a group of Bulettes, Dentril's commander ordered them to retreat. To his knowledge he is the only survivor of the four man team. In a turn that then made a terrible day worse, he was then ambushed and subdued by a band of Drow slavers.

After several days of being mocked as an albino Drow up on the trading block, his freedom was bought by Ophilia Cyrine and Caesar Gaius. After a short… exchange of information, he joined them and their Githyanki guide.

Other Information:

Father - Dravtis Calaelen

His father wasn't there for most of his early childhood, only actually meeting him after he joined the Archer's under his mother. His parents were then shortly married, his mother being pregnant with his sister. He was given the choice to change his name to Calaelen but he chose to stay Den'tril Amandil as he believed his heritage was under the Amandil Archers (family occupation) not with the line of Calaelen stratagists. His relationship with his father isn't strained by this as much as it is strengthened, when he made his decision his father told him "I believe that there should always be an Amandil in the Archers, I'd of done the same." He calls him Father out of respect and considers him as such, even if the man wasn't there in his early childhood.

Mother - Aeawon Calaelen (Maiden name: Aeawon Amandil)

His relationship with his mother is rather strongly tied to archery, having taught him the ways of the bow since he was old enough to hold one. They often stop to speak in special secretive terms if they wish to convey a message that they don't wish others to easily understand, this is something natural to most Elven Archers under his mother's command. After he joined the archers, she had him moved under her command by his Father and further pushed for him to increase his skill in archery.

Sister - Vyna Calaelen

His relationship with his sister is a difficult one to describe as they rarely saw one another. He was always pulled off into archery practice and she was always pulled to be a strategist like their father, leaving little time for anything more then study, though she did enjoy it. When they did get time together they would spend it showing each other what they had learned. This has left her as a competent archer and him as a competent strategist. Their relationship is a teaching one really, as they are always eager to hear and learn what the other has to say and teach.

Uncle - Hentry Amandil

A few years before Den'tril officially joined the archers, his uncle was found out to be a Mecha spy. Saying "Hentry" is another way his family describes someone they are watching closely or have suspicions about when talking to one another.

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