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This page is for new powers, edges, hindrances, and such. Feel free to create powers and post anything you want; however, please include a "Stamp of Approval" section at the bottom. This is so that people will know that you have given the power your approval for your campaigns.

Any comments can be edited onto the individual pages and discussion can take place in person or on the forums. Just don't edit anything that isn't yours, and note any changes you have made if other people have already noted their approval.

NOTE: Any powers or systems currently or previously used in one of your campaigns that is being added by me (Tanner) will automatically have your stamp of approval added to them when the page is created.


Deadlands Homebrew Edges
Deadlands Homebrew Hindrances

Deadlands Explosion Rules Version 2
Hell on Earth Mastercrafted Weapons
Small Fate Chips Version 2


HOE Dune Buggy

Weapons and Armors

Armor Piercing Grenades
Chaff Grenades
Dragon's Breath Shotgun Shells
HOE Improvised Explosive Devices


Solar Charge
Weighed Against the Feather of Truth



Ethereal Holster


Bullet Crucible
Widow's Fang

Indian Shamans


Mad Scientists



Toxic Shamans


Witch Pacts

Cat Eyes
Cat's Nimbleness
Cat's Quickness

Witch Spells

Witch Cantrips - Cantrips are minor spells, similar to Huckster tricks.
Witch Spells from Huckster Hexes - A list of Witch spells created from Huckster hexes.

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