David Carver

“Wait a sec! Don’t touch that… That’s left over from my time at the Wasatch facility. Hmm? Oh yeah, I worked for them… Was an assistant to a couple of big scientists… Heh. Even helped out Smith a couple of times. It’s not a big deal… My parents were a couple of rich scientists brought over to help in the facility and, when they saw I had a knack with science and tinkering, they were glad to bring me along. Heh. It was easier to get work in the facility then than it is nowadays, not as much hurdles to go through in the interview…

“Or at least that’s what I hear… I haven’t tried going back to Smith and Robards since the explosion. It took both my parents, and the resultant chaos mangled my leg.


“Well, that’s how this world works sometimes, I guess. After that, I didn’t want anything more to do with them… I set off on my own. Thankfully, my inheritance from my parents coupled with the patent money in their name for contributing ideas for the Gatling pistol that comes in for me has left me with a sizable account of money in the bank, enough to fend for myself and let me pursue my passion for science. Eh. It might sound like a hard life, but I met a lot of people in my travels… I’m currently on call to help a Ranger named Gage out. Seems like a nice guy…
Plus, ever since the explosion, Harvey has been there for me… He helps me gets my thoughts in order sometimes for when I have to create something. Sure some people may think its odd they can't see him… But they just don't understand.”

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