Daskania (formerly known as Varnhold) was a colony founded by the Varnling Host, led by Maegar Varn. Their charter was for lands east of Zeltenia and part of the charter was for them to deal with the centaurs. Recently all communication with Varnhold ceased. Upon investigation the citizens of Varnhold appear to have been spirited away. Spriggans inhabited Varnhold when we arrived. They possessed items belonging to Maegar Varn and the centaurs. We were being watched by a crow familiar as well. We captured it but its master killed it.

The citizens of then Varnhold were found to be held captive in soul jars. Once released, they returned home to Varnhold, which eventually became the city of Daskania in Zeltenia. A portion of this area remains unexplored, primarily the areas to the south where relatively useless mountains lie.

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