Construction Table
TN Construction Time Cards (Backlash) Spirit
3-4 2d20 minutes 1 d4
5-7 3d20 minutes 1 d6
8-11 1d6 hours 2 d8
14-17 2d6 hours 2 d10
18-21 2d20 hours 3 d12
22-25 2d6 days 4 d12+2
26-28 2d6 weeks 5 d12+4
29-30 2d12 months 6 d12+6
31+ 2d6 years 7 d12+8

Each raise on the construction roll reduces the time by one increment (ie, minute, hour, day, week, month, year). It can never be less than one increment.

A failed roll means the time spent is wasted. A bust indicates that the components have been destroyed.

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