Component Information
Component Type *Cost Weight
Chemical $7 8 oz.
Electronic $10 8 oz.
Mechanical $5 1 lb.
Structural $2 3 lbs.

*The above prices are when dealing with people who have a use for them, like Junkers. They're pretty worthless to the average joe.

When you see a likely Scroungin' site, you can try to scrounge up some parts. These could be an old battlefield, a hardware store, a wrecked car, or similar things.

One particular site might yield several different types of components, but each requires a different Scroungin' roll. The marshal sets the TN, and if the roll is successful, the site yields 2d6 components (reroll aces) +2 more per raise on the Scroungin' roll. This takes about 30 minutes plus 5 minutes per component recovered.

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