By far the biggest and most bustling area of Purgatory, the Commons is the city's life blood. Located inside the the mountain in the converted ruins of the once great dwarf city Purgatory was built upon, it is truly a city that never sleeps as it is constantly illuminated by artificial light throughout.

All ranked members can move about as they please throughout the many shops, stalls, inns, and taverns in this central area, though lower ranked individuals may be denied access to certain equipment, items, and areas as determined by the owner of the establishment and the Wardens of the city.

This is also where the residential area of the noncriminal merchants, tradesmen, adventurers, and crusaders can stay. With the large amount of Wardens and hired guards that patrol the area and the thick mountain walls, visitors to Purgatory can feel relatively safe from the more untamed criminal elements that move about the city and the demonic hordes that occasionally attack.

The Commons is home to many shops and places of note, including:
The Board
The Hospital
The Pit
The Library
Archon's Perch
Gods' Market
The Silken Succubus

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