Citybusters Campaign Summary


It all started with the not-yet formed posse being called up for reserve militia duty. When they got there, they noticed a larger than normal quantity of people with "special" powers and were told that due to shortages they had just been "promoted" to real militia members. After the groaning ceased, weapons were issued and patrols ordered.

Over the next two weeks, the new posse made several arrests, and managed to save a child from moorlocks that grabbed him and taken him down below. This impressed Ike, and after all the heroics were over he sent people to "ask" the posse to accept a job.

This put a bad taste in the posse's mouth, or at least as far as Kat was concerned. Ike basically wanted them to be a non-official group that handled the Combine infiltration of Junkyard. After criticizing the rude invitation, the posse accepted the deal and left.

The first mission involved watching a Junker who was making guns for the Combine. The two Combine soldiers that went to his shop drug him off, and the posse followed to save the Junker and dispatch the Combine soldiers. The Combine was officially in Junkyard.

Later, the posse was sent to investigate a mining town near Junkyard that had allegedly disappeared; no contact had been received in weeks. The posse got there, noted some weird holes and rake marks in the sand, then salvaged what they could from the buildings. The technology in the town had been damaged, possibly by Luddites. The townspeople were holed up in the mine near town, terrified because some creature had attacked them and was stalking just outside at nightfall. Initially, they shot at the posse, but contact was made and information gained about the creature and the fact that the dead townspeople were getting back up again.

After killing a few of the deaders, the posse considered how to deal with whatever was attacking the townspeople…


The sun was setting on the abandoned town near the ghost rock mine. The posse had considered trying to rig up a trailer or something to evacuate the trapped mining community (an idea later discarded; Kat radioed Junkyard for a transport truck the next morning). During the night, the posse was attacked while guarding the entrance to the mine; there were a mix of regular walkin' dead and plague zombies, which were dispatched fairly easily. Along with them was a cloaked figure, the thing that had been keeping the miners trapped.

The thing had long steel claws and a black cloak, which covered most of his radiation-burned body. He was wearing a gas mask and when he spoke, the sound of his voice was very unpleasant. He mentioned that the trapped miners were an "experiment" and wouldn't let them leave, although he wasn't immediately hostile to the party. A few shots at him when he was walking away confirmed that he was a servitor, and thus only had one weakness; fighting him normally would be pointless.

Later, the posse scavenged the shop of this cloaked person, who originally came to town as a normal Junker. After collecting a large number of materials (and not finding anything to kill him with) the posse headed back to the mine. The posse's cyborg took a syringe dart to the neck, which infected him with something; the posse stayed inside the mine for the rest of the night after that.

The next day, Kat radioed Junkyard for a transport truck, and it was discovered that the mine had two entrances, and that the cloaked Junker was probably hiding deeper in the mine. The syker and the cyborg approached by going deeper into the cave, and Kat and Wily went around from the outside. The two converged on the Junker's lab, where they found some of the cure he kept for the disease he was manufacturing (the cloaked Junker quickly left for the area of the mine where the miners were); this was probably his weakness, so the posse loaded that into his dart rifle and followed him. When they caught up with him, the syker fire three cure darts into the cloaked Junker, and he quickly swelled up and exploded.

The transport truck arrived later and the posse and the miners headed back to Junkyard while some of the militia stayed behind to guard the town for the later reclamation efforts.

After a few days of building Junker devices, the posse was approached by a squirrel-ly man who offered them a job. The mayor of New Provo's daughter had disappeared and he wanted to hire them to find it. The posse agreed to talk to the mayor and they quickly headed to New Provo.

The mayor was a slimeball and some of the more perceptive members of the posse saw that he didn't really care about his daughter. Some investigation revealed that she may have been taken by some members of a gang called the Witch's Teat, a bunch of losers who couldn't think of a better name. It was also discovered that the mayor was at the Junkyard Hilton recently, so Kat radioed back and found out that in all likelihood, the mayor had sold his daughter to these cretins.

The posse dug up the location of their hideout, where half the gang had been killed from the effects of a discord beetle. The gang told the posse where Danielle (the daughter) had probably run off to, and she was indeed there. After helping her recover, the posse "convinced" them to tell their story to the town. Kat would initially go in, charm the mayor and get a confession (which was recorded to a data slug) and then return the daughter to claim the reward (the alleged locations of three prewar bunkers). Soon after, the mayor was taken outside and his plan exposed to the public. He was run out of town (Kat tried to run some damage control on the remaining gangers, since they did help a little), and a guy named Martin took his place as mayor. The posse then went back to the gang's hideout and grabbed the extra motorcycles that the gang didn't need anymore, then headed back to Junkyard.


The posse decided to go after the three bunkers that were their "reward" for saving the daughter of the ex-mayor of New Provo.

The first bunker was an Operation Damocles one. There were about fifteen soldiers frozen, with their power supply failing. The posse decided to take some of their surplus weaponry and unfreeze the rest, suggesting that they go back to Junkyard. One of the soldiers, a major, was rather belligerent and didn't want to go to Junkyard. He took about half of his men, who copped out and used the excuse of "I'm a soldier" to follow him. The major took one APC and left for parts unknown. The rest of the soldiers went to Junkyard and talked to Sarge.

The second bunker was more of a weapons cache in an old water filtration system. There was an incredibly obnoxious person called Bobby Chow living there, but he didn't know about the cache. He basically ran around, earning the ire of some of the posse, before being caught in the cache. The posse grabbed the weapons in the cache — which were in poor repair — and left.

Before going to the third bunker, the posse accepted a simple delivery job from a Junker. The package was to be unopened, and this was suspicious, so the posse staked out his shop at night. Once again, the Combine was involved, and wanted a "key" that was the package that the Junker wanted the posse to deliver. A battle broke out, and the Combine was defeated and the package saved.

The final bunker was in the remains of Turnville, and in the middle of a ghost rock storm. When the posse approached, a Combine Raptor attacked, but Kat fired an armor-piercing warhead crossbow bolt made by Wily at it which severely damaged it; internal explosions took care of the rest. The posse then ran through the ghost storm (Wily was the only one who got hit hard) and encounter some zombies, which were easily dispatched.

The bunker was ahead, and also some automatons and a platoon of black hats…


The session opened with a quick battle against half of a platoon of black hats (their leader was a red hat), which were easily dispatched at range by the posse. The posse went into the bunker ahead and met two kids, Rend and Terra. They were cyborgs and sported large junker-built guns. They demanded the key to the bunker, but the Templar blasted it to prevent them from getting in. Surprisingly, they just walked off, and told their automatons to start busting down the blast doors to the insides of the bunker.

Interestingly enough, there was a city-buster bomb inside, which is why Throckmorton was so intent on getting inside. The posse quickly raised the elevator (the bomb was on a truck) and made a mad dash for Junkyard. They were successful — and were greeted as heroes for bringing back a working city buster.

After things quieted down, the posse was approached by various important people in Junkyard, wanting to know what was going on inside a certain building. There apparently was a building owned by a man named Dylan Jaeger, and it was allegedly haunted. Jaeger was running out of time to renovate it, and he sent a woman named Sidney to hire the posse. The posse accepted, and started asking around town — the topic was a popular one, and many people wanted to know what the heck was going on inside. Interestingly enough, the building never had any problems before Jaeger purchased it!

Additionally, the posse spoke to a man named Dmitri Karkos in a rather discreet fashion. When his name came up, Kat left the building and went back to the Hilton, refusing to speak to anyone until the next day.

The posse was on time for their assignment, and went in the building, which contained mostly apartments. While investigating, many strange things happened, and the place did indeed appear to be haunted. The posse was even sucked into a couple of dream-like scenarios.

In the first, national guard members were getting ready to torch an S-mart full of innocent people. One of the men in the first was crying while setting the bombs, and when the posse managed to convince him to move on the dream ended. In the second, the posse was in a sewer and periodically got incredibly hungry; fortunately, milrats were available. There was one man in the sewer, and when the posse offered him food the dream faded away.

In the next, the posse was in a room with a black man who was tied to a chair, and a syker had just entered the room…


The next apparition was a girl who was beaten by her father. Soon after the posse first encountered her, a bunch of thugs rushed into the room. They were armed with assault rifles and were well armored, but the posse was able to deal with them easily enough through good tactics. When the fight was over, the posse talked to the girl, and Josh Taylor wound up scaring her — but Kat was able to convince her that the Templar wasn't going to hurt her, and the scene faded.

It was discovered that Sidney had a bug on her, though she managed to convince the posse that she didn't know anything about it. The posse tried to leave, but was stopped — they couldn't seem to overcome whatever force was in the hotel; it had blockaded the exits and created telekinetic storms whenever they tried to break through the walls. The posse gave up on leaving and continued clearing floors.

Next was a girl who had tried to put her parents' bodies to rest by burning them. This scene was fairly short; the posse burned the remains and the girl seemed satisfied, and the scene faded.

Finally, there was Elijah Frost. He had apparently killed many children…but the posse was able to ridicule him into appearing. His weakness was his pair of ghost rock eyes, which Josh Taylor destroyed. His apparition was easily destroyed afterwards.

The posse received an image from the people that they had saved in the dream-world — they showed the posse that the spirit of a syker called Vrai had been imprinted on a pile of ghost rock, and that he had now taken over Sidney. Sidney/Vrai was heading for the basement. The posse quickly followed.

A battle ensued in basement under the garage. Dylan Jaeger and Sidney were initially fighting, but both started firing at the posse when they joined the fight. Utilizing cover, the posse was able to kill most of Jaeger's thugs, as was as Jaeger and Sidney.

The posse were hailed as heroes for uncovering Dylan Jaeger's plot to steal ghost rock from the mining operations. The building was no longer haunted…and it was given to the posse! Of course, they have to clean it up within two years, but the posse still owns a large apartment building, suitable for holding a large number of people. Maybe even as many as 108…


Things started with the posse performing various mundane tasks in Junkyard. Few things of note happened, though there was a strange man preaching near Sludge Creek.

Josh Taylor needed to take the body of a Templar found in the apartment towers back to Boise. The rest of the posse accompanied him, and met Simon Mercer. They were also made Companions; otherwise, this trip was uneventful, save for a mine on the way.

When they got back to Junkyard, the strange man was still preaching, but looked tired. The next day, he was still at it — but this time, he collapsed and summoned forth beast made of the toxic sludge in the creek, as well as a horde of toxic zombies. The posse was able to deal with this surprisingly quickly — everyone did well in the fight. When the beast was dealt with, it exploded, raining corrosive sludge down on the city. The cleanup effort was significant and caused some people to be homeless.

Later, the posse did a little recruiting. They promised a place to stay if people would help them rebuild the apartment towers. Many accepted the offer, including a slow but good-natured cyborg in New Provo named Tanka. While recruiting him, a small explosion was seen in the direction of Turnville; some evil doomsayers had exploded a small magical tac-nuke in the area, though most of the humans were able to avoid them. The posse chased them down, and dispatched them fairly easily, although the last rad-wraith in the battle exploded for massive damage, seriously wounding Shiloh and Wily. Both lived, however.

What's next?


The posse healed up after the doomsayer fight and talked to the people of Turnville. They were going to head over to New Provo, and the posse arranged for them to live there.

The posse returned to Junkyard with Tonka. They noticed a strange man preaching by sludge creek…eventually, he called forth a toxic spirit, a giant ape-like creature that flung acidic goo around. The posse quickly dispatched the large but non-armored foe and his toxic zombie minions.

Later, the posse was hired for a job by a woman who was allegedly looking for her brother. This turned out not to be true; the man was a werewolf, and the woman was hunting him. The posse initially returned to Junkyard, but raced back when they found out that the woman had left. Apparently, the woman had found the guy, and he was turning into a werewolf right in front of her. He quickly shredded her, but soon after a strange burst of machine gun fire erupted from a shack, killing the werewolf.

When the posse opened up the building, there was a nosferatu inside. Oddly enough, this nosferatu managed to claw apart the heavy machine gun he used to kill the werewolf with nothing but his bare hands while being extracted by the cyborg.

Afterwards, the posse returned to Junkyard.


(no summary)


Session canceled.


The posse ran like hell to get away from Rend, after killing Terra. They made it back to Junkyard, where they (for the most part) just went to sleep.

The next day, Kat found a young boy in the Hilton's lobby, and took him back to the apartment towers. He turned out be a powerful syker, and Shiloh's mentor, a Jamaican man named Reddom, began to train him. He then sent the posse out to the mining town where the posse killed their first servitor. People were dying there again…this time, it turned out to be a nightstalker, but before the posse could really kill it a large armored man shot it, almost killing it outright. The strange pair eventually wound up in a fight with the posse and the cyborg Switchbox was killed in the battle.

The posse returned to Junkyard, and quickly left again to pick up the martial arts master and Bobby Chow. The trip was mostly uneventful, but the group did find an exceptional chef to bring back to the apartment towers.

Finally, Kat's employer sent the group out to investigate damage to a greenhouse; someone was throwing rocks through it every night. As it turns out, sand spiders were responsible. A newcomer played diplomat and managed to get them to go away without a fight, though how long that will last is unknown.


The session began with Reddom asking the posse to accompany him to deliver a shipment of red to a small settlement. The posse agreed, but soon noticed that some people were following them. As they approached the town, they entered a dark, foggy area that they couldn't seem to leave. The town was full of red zombies, a type of walkin' dead with syker powers. Most of them seemed fairly non-aggressive, at least until provoked (as the newest posse member found out, walking among them was a very bad idea, when he got flung up through three floors of a building).

The followers approached Reddom, and accused him of creating these zombies through red. Apparently, it consumed your soul as you used it. The leader grabbed Shiloh and rifled through her belongings, throwing a bulb on the ground to make a "this is your soul on red" example. Shiloh made the fragments float, which attracted just about every red zombie in the area. The posse and the group of followers holed up in some buildings and tried to figure out what to do.

After a large amount of deliberation, where the doomsayer tried to convince everyone to let the zombies have Reddom, Shiloh snuck off in a futile attempt to sacrifice herself, going to another building and using a syker power. When it didn't work, Reddom tried the same thing, but this time the fog and red zombies faded away.

The posse and the followers returned to Junkyard, minus another original member. The group was quickly approached by the Chamber, who wanted to meet with them. The posse was placed in the back of a truck so they couldn't see where they were going, and taken to the Chamber's headquarters. Apparently, they found a "perfect" piece of junker tech and wanted the posse to find the rest (the doomsayer and Wily seemed interested, but Kat just smiled and nodded). They agreed to help, and that's where the session ended.


After accepting the job from the Chamber, the posse returned to Junkyard and prepared to head to the first piece of the amazing Junker technology.

It turns out that it was being used by a small community of survivors north of Junkyard. It was a multipurpose machine that built walls, tilled fields, and harvested crops. Kat was unwilling to just take the machine from the community, so an alternate solution had to be found. Essentially, a second community was nearby, and the two had very complementary skills — one had technology and mechanical skill, while one had food and walls for protection. The merger failed because the former made deals with road gangs for food and protection. In exchange for the machine, the posse arranged another merger that would hopefully stick (Wily was able to gain their trust via his botany knowledge).

With the communities together, the posse drove the machine to Junkyard, where the Chamber took it away.

The next piece was in an abandoned bunker. The posse was able to find it easily; inside were many gun turrets, which were easily neutralized by the Doomsayer's EMP miracles. A fair bit of weaponry was found inside, as well as the next piece of perfect Junker technology. The posse returned to Junkyard, where the session ended.


After the posse returned to Junkyard, they found out that Delilah had been kidnapped. After asking around, they found out that she had probably been taken to the abandoned section of Junkyard; when the posse went there, they were ambushed. The foes were quickly dealt with and questioning one of them revealed the location of Delilah — an old warehouse.

The posse infiltrated the warehouse and hatched a plan to take care of all four guards — this went off without a hitch. Kat jumped into the office, interposing herself between their leader and the closet where Delilah was being held. She called the militia and almost opened the door, but stopped after noticing an explosive trap. Wily was able to disarm it, Delilah was rescued, and everything turned out okay.

Next, the posse returned to the Chamber, where the learned the location of the rest of the pieces of perfect Junker tech were. One was in Denver, one was on the outskirts of Denver, one was in the HI facilities under Junkyard, and one was in a random bunker. The posse decided to go after the latter, and managed to do so with ease — some gonzers harassed them on the way out, but Kat ventilated two of them with bursts of automatic fire and the other posse members quickly felled the rest.

The posse went to Doc Schwartz to ask for permission to go into the HI facilities, which he consented to. The session ended with the posse making preparations to descend into the depths…


The posse began to explore the HI complex on sublevel 3.

The area was huge, and even after exploring to nearly the point of exhaustion only about 1/3 of the contents of the complex had been uncovered.

Some of the random encounters included:

  • A bloodwolf who turned out to be friendly. He was hiding in the sublevel and made friends with the posse after they helped him kill some nosferatu who were attacking him.
  • A project that was labeled "Cujo" that turned out to be some kind of dog with heightened senses, perhaps even ones that can detect spiritual things.
  • A room full of zombies and an automaton that happened to be guarding a case of irradiated ghost rock, which the posse took.
  • A room with an explosive komodo dragon, who happened to be sitting next to a flamethrower. The doomsayer took the flamethrower.

As the posse was leaving, they headed to shut down the reactor so that the blast doors at the top of the sublevel would open…


The posse managed to escape sublevel three and return to Junkyard, after shutting down the HI reactor. They returned the next piece of junker tech to the Chamber, then made plans to go after the next one…which was in the middle of Denver (another that was near Denver actually turned out to be the manufacturing plant needed to complete the device).

The posse disguised themselves as Black Hats and entered Denver with surprisingly little difficulty. The final piece was in a fake HI accounting firm. It was fairly easily obtained.

When the posse tried to leave Denver, they ran into a little trouble. They had to be escorted out into the desert with their package after failing to sufficiently bluff the guards. A quick rocket to the back of their APC and some quick sword-work took care of them, though. The posse then proceeded to the manufacturing plant.

When they arrived, all the pieces of junker tech were assembled inside while some of the posse held off a massive Black Hat attack. The battle wasn't going well, but the junker device left the plant of it's own volition, turned into a giant robot, and began attacking the Black Hats. It drove them off, suffering significant battle damage in the process.

When spoken to, the robot seemed very interested in where Darius Hellstromme was…unfortunately, no one knows. The posse split up afterwards, with Vera going to the Grand Library, Kat and Wily going to Junkyard, and Justin Hamell driving the machine back.

Unfortunately, the caravan back was ambushed and it appears that William Durden was involved, and stole the robot. After making a quick trade for Hamell's life that ended in some dead lackeys, the posse returned to Junkyard to figure out what to do next.

Without any other options, they took an offer from Doc Schwartz to go investigate the disappearance of his nephew in an Oregon town named Crowley


One shot session from Tanner — Virginia saved.


The session began with the posse returning to Junkyard from Crowley with their new companion, Virginia Knights. The trip was mostly uneventful, except for one encounter with some slaughtered men that turned out to be bandits (the monster that killed them turned out to be some kind of mutant priest). There was a little difficulty at the Junkyard gates though, mostly related to Virginia's guardian Albert. Jeremiah Walsh had several connections though, so both Virginia and Albert were eventually let into the city. They made a space for themselves at the Lake Apartment Towers.

Later, Kat rejoined the posse when the rest found her talking to Colonel Westin. Apparently, some soldiers in an APC had been terrorizing a town about 100 miles to the west. This sounded very familiar to the other half of the soldiers that were found when the posse looted the Operation Damocles bunker, the ones that refused to return to Junkyard. The posse set out to take care of them.

It turns out that Colonel Westin was heavily tainted, and he was the one who had been raiding the town, not the other soldiers. A confused battle was fought, and in the end Colonel Westin and his soldiers were defeated. The other Damocles soldiers returned to Junkyard to live in the apartment towers.

Later, the Grand Library at Sacramento contacted Vera and the rest of the posse. They wanted the group to travel to the library itself to deliver information about the incident with the perfect junker tech and large robot. The posse agreed, and they set out on the long trip west…


Session canceled.


The session started with the posse heading towards the Grand Library in Sacramento.

Along the way, the posse stopped in a town called Boomtown. They were mistaken for kidnappers, but managed to talk their way out of the situation and rescued the girls, who were being held by an abomination that had once been a hero of some kind.

There was also a small altercation at a truck stop between the doomsayer and a monster hunter. The quick battle ended with the monster hunter being healed by the doomsayer's radiation magic, and gaining a mutation (his leg was destroyed and rebuilt with radiation).

Finally, the posse got to the Grand Library, and told their story of their adventures finding the perfect junker tech pieces. The library also managed to earn the ire of Kat when most of the posse was ordered to stay in the barracks during their stay in at the library. Vera was given the task of talking to the mayor of Lynchburg about opening a library branch there.

Once all that was done, the posse began to head back towards Junkyard…


The posse decided to travel to Movie Town to possibly take part in a movie. On the way, they encountered an old man that was being attacked by walkin' dead. They were quickly dispatched, and the old man led the posse back to his settlement.

It was remarkably clean and inhabited by Asians. None of them appeared to speak English at first, but this was revealed to be a ruse to test outsiders. After eating and a night of rest, the posse continued to Movie Town.

At Movie Town, the posse starred in a movie about Famine attacking the City of Lost Angels. Kat played Seraphina, the head priest, the doomsayer played Famine, Vera wrote several parts of it, and Wily made the pyrotechnics. The filming was a success and the posse began to head back to Junkyard…


The posse, while still in Near Wichita, overheard that some towns to the north had been raided by bandits. They agreed to help, though the syker wandered off and didn't follow.

It turns out that many of the bandits were using tunnels concealed in buildings throughout the towns (4 total, 3 close together, 1 farther north). Tunnels were dug underground long ago to facillitate the movement of refugees, and the bandits were now using those.

A group of martial artists following some "god king" are the prime suspects, though they at least appeared to be somewhat friendly upon investigation. Still, the village leaders have received messages that this group will begin demanding tribute, else the raids will continue…


The posse was hired to guard a hunting party, which was going into the mountains to acquire food and hides. Shortly after arriving at the main camp, the posse noticed strange tracks moving through the middle of the camp; the next night, it was discovered that said tracks were being left by shambling mounds of plant matter. Tracking one revealed that it was, oddly enough, a creature made entirely of cannabis.

While the posse was tracking that creature, the rest of the hunters got into a fight with the main group of cannabis creatures. This resulted in ten of the thirty being killed and most of the rest stoned to the point of complete stupidity. Attempts to communicate with the creatures finally worked, and it was discovered that these creatures were actually intelligent and sentient, and uninterested in harming anyone (the hunters were killed in self defense).

After marching the stoned hunters back to camp, little was discovered the next day except for the dead body of a tinhorn who wandered too far outside of camp. The posse asked the cannaboids about the wounds, and they determined that it was probably a wendigo and a group of wolflings.

The next several days were spent trying to track down these creatures. The first of three wendigos was engaged in the woods near the hunter's camp; it was a surprisingly easy battle. The sight of the dead wendigo gave the hunters enough hope to drive out some of their fear.

The second and third wendigos were found in a cave; a cannaboid offered to help, but turned traitor at the last minute and made the fight harder by leading the posse into an ambush. Still, the posse triumphed, and the wendigo threat was dealt with.


The posse came upon a town that a living legend - in this case Paul Bunyan - was operating near. An ill-placed story from Kitty turned Paul evil, but this was quickly corrected. He even took out a group of people terrorizing the town after he was "fixed."

The posse left for Junkyard soon after, so that Kitty could look for Jeremiah. At the entry line, Kat was able to get Kitty in, but the rest of the posse had to wait in line. Virginia Knights met up with Kitty inside, but it turns out that Jeremiah had already left for the "west." With few clues to go on, the posse prepared to leave, the sound of Los Diablos rumbling in the distance…


Kitty made short work of the Los Diablos that came after her, with a little help from Virginia.

Soon after, the posse left to track down Jeremiah. They saw a video of him disposing of a Big Daddy, and headed to the Maze. On the way, they came upon a town with a problem. People were mysteriously dying; a man and a local prostitute. A bit of investigation followed and one terrified man later they were making a little progress. Thankfully the town realized that the posse had good intentions and left them alone.


The posse continued their search for Jeremiah. They cleared up a dispute between a tribe of muties called the Elkos and a soldier's camp called Leedsville. In the process, they defeated the better part of a hostile mutie tribe that looked like frogs. They were being riled up by an evil Doombringer that the posse destroyed.

Later, they reached the coast, and saved a fisherman from a pirate attack. He hooked up the posse (minus Rain, who wasn't willing to go underwater) with a submarine ride to an underwater facility. They docked at the underwater city and saw a strange sight — an unhealthy looking man shot himself up with an unknown drug. Soon after, a large armored man followed by a little girl came through the area. The druggie tried to grab the girl, but was killed by the armored man. Seeing this, the submarine pilot fled — and died in the process.

The posse looked around for a bit and found a strange prototype cyborg-like android. After waking the thing up and entering themselves into the computer system as CyberArms employees, the strange machine (which called herself Terra) joined the posse, providing a serious firepower boost.


(Session canceled.)


The posse was cleared to leave the underwater city, but Kitty suddenly realized that Jeremiah was still there. The posse rushed to his location (following Kitty, who departed more quickly) but Curtis Striker ordered the war machine Terra to retreat with him after realizing that a confrontation with several Big Daddy opponents might get messy.

While boarding the escape submarine, Terra was ordered by Andrew Ryan to remain in the facility. Roger Stevens, Curtis Striker, and Josh Taylor were the only ones to make it out.

The posse was then approached by some templars and (strongly) requested to go to Boise for some trial. They agreed, and met up with Alex there. The one on trial was the one who was being tortured along with Indro that Alex, Roger Stevens, and Kitty found months ago. Each of the posse was called to be a witness against him, but based on the questions he asked the posse unintentionally strengthened his case.

Finally, someone was killed by what the templars were calling the Boise Horror. Little information was found and few clues were left as to what the Horror actually was.


The trial continued, this time with Simon questioning the posse. This seemed to condemn the anti-templar. It was eventually ruled that he must die.

Unfortunately, the templars had no idea how to kill him, and after a few attempts he eventually revealed that it was probably his pistol. Alex called upon her law dog ancestors to conjure this weapon, and she quickly dispatched the man. Curtis Striker made the mistake of counting coup on him, which disturbed the templars. They all went to talk to Simon, and after some poorly chosen words, Curtis earned the distrust of the order.

Simon also made the request that they help him travel to Junkyard to form the Iron Alliance. The posse agreed. They departed Boise and head out into the wilderness, where they boarded the airship Sky Raider I. Not long after, the Combine attacked the ship with raptors; automatons boarded. The posse defeated the first wave, but the airship was going to be overwhelmed. Simon took some of his followers and left, while Alex volunteered to stay behind and slow down the tide of automatons…


The two law dogs made a heroic last stand (sort of) against three automatons to cover Simon's escape. Curtis Striker died; Alex was badly shot up. She grabbed him and used a rope to get to the ground, where she waited to heal. She eventually caught up with Simon and the others.

One of the templars with Simon betrayed him during the night, and sneaked away with the templar leader. The three remaining heroes tracked them down, retrieved Simon, and blew up a raptor and several black hats. Afterwards, they continued on to Junkyard.

It appeared as if the Boise Horror had followed Simon; two people in Junkyard died because of it, and not even on the full moon. Simon was involved with the formation of the Iron Alliance, but didn't seem all that keen on joining them because other factions were allowing the road gangs help. During one of the many arguments though, riots outside got worse, and Combine automatons crashed into the building…

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