Cinnamon Jones

"Hey, the name’s Cinnamon… Cinnamon Jones. Yeah I know it sounds kinda silly, but my ma loved to bake, alright? Now that that is out of the way, whatcha’ll need? Oh, ya’ll wanna know about me? Ya’ll heard about that time I outran those bandits on Jesabelle here? Heh, that was all her, sir. I just deliver the mail, or I used to. I got out of that business a while back a few months ago, and I’m looking to see the west, without having to be anywhere or do anything. I heard about Sherman Marshall running around these parts, figured he’d be a good person to run around with, provided he’ll have me. I’m not some hapless lady who can’t stand to ride a horse proper or shoot a gun. Riding sidesaddle is for those fancy ladies who eat chocolates and wear perfumes all day, and that just ain’t me. I ain’t no dress wearin’ high falutin’ prissy girl. I pull my own weight, and sometimes I have to pull others’ weight too. I don’t like to brag, well maybe I do a little, but I doubt my local branch of the Pony Express would have done half as well the last few years if not for me. Now, ya’ll got all ya’ll need, or are ya’ll gonna pester me some more?”

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